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 Tiffany LA Dodgers Game
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This Girl’s Generation/SNSD foto contains arbitro, ump, and giocatore di baseball. There might also be prima base, prima sacker, primo baseman, primo scarpati, fielder destra, fielder di destra, corridore base, corridore, base runner, and runner.

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Girls’ Generation members showered their Amore to fellow member Tiffany, who is celebrating her birthday today, through their respective SNS accounts.

On August 1, Jessica postato on Weibo, “Happy birthday t!! today is your day~all yours! thank u for always being such an understanding and lovely friend (now family hehehehe keep up the smile and "loud voice!!!" ;) p.s u make a cool mom for prince! ahem and i make a cool auntie”, and shared a foto of herself and Tiffany together.

Yuri also wrote on her Instagram, “Happy b giorno tiff ♥ #ImHappyWeWereAbleToBeTogether”, along a foto Tiffany...
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1. Seohyun


She is good at what she does(singing and dancing) unlike the other. Like Taeyeon,Tiffany and Jessica, They're great in Canto but not good/great in dancing. Sooyoung,Hyoyeon,Yoona and Yuri are great in Canto but not good/great
Seohyun beats Sunny in both Canto and dancing. Plus Seohyun can play many instruments,speaks many language and great in variety show
Seohyun is the 3rd best singer and 5th best dancer.

Reason for the voters:

Miyuki-hime -

Taeyeon, Jessica, and Tiffany are very good at Canto but not dancing. Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Yoona are very good at dancing but not singing....
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