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This Girl’s Generation/SNSD foto might contain ritratto, headshot, primo piano, and closeup.

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Sones chanting Jessica's name @ 3:35
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This will be my opinion of Jessica in regards to her dismisal as well as in her involvement with the group. I set this warning now, many people may not like what I write and I want to let everyone know that I am not sad that Jessica isn't in the group but will explain why

Naturally when I received word about the message on her Weibo many domande popped in my mind

""I was excited about our upcoming fan events only to shockingly be informed da my company and 8 others that as of today, I’m no longer a member. I’m devastated - my priority and Amore is to serve as a member of GG, but for no justifiable...
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Hey....let me start my successivo article.Ok,now its Mr Mr.....Lets start

Her hair is so messy.I didn't even find her pretty.

She looked like an ajhumma.The talpa in her face doesn't suit her either

I am seriously a very big fan of her but truly others looked better than her.Her hair looked clumsy and the others looked pretty well.

She looked pretty but the straight hair doesn't suit her well.Her fingers are really long too....

The bangs doesn't suit her.And that chain too.But she's still pretty.

She looks pretty but while comparing others she lacks...
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