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 Girls Generation Lion cuore Teaser
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lion cuore
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This Girl’s Generation/SNSD foto contains cofano motore, colpire il cofano, and cofano poke.

For this ranking, i had to rewatch the MV, because the scans i found on the internet are pretty bad

Number 9-Seohyun
Poor girl. I admit she looked slightly better in terms of hairstyle but i still think her face was really unnatractive.

Number 8-Yoona
If i found Yoona plain in ITNW, i think she looked even più plain in this MV. Her hair looked extremely oily and i didn't like the makeup. There was something really off with her face

Number 7-Hyoyeon
Drop for Hyoyeon, i thought she looked amazing in ITNW but in this one...geez. what kind of hair was that? This is the first Hyoyeon's hair...
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specially made for the sone ^^
>>i can never ever resist this picture
>>shy but cute
>> i really Amore the background of this pic
>>most fav pic of her in magazine
>>nice post from her
>> its like the fany's picture <the first one>
i Amore that hair ^^
>>nice and fierce
>>very and superb cute
>> cute right??

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girls generation
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Hi! Hello! This is an articolo that shows to te that REAL highest notes of SNSD/Girls Generation:
Sunny-G6 "Whistle Note"
Jessica-D6 "Chest note"
Yuri-C#6 "Falsetto note"
Taeyeon-C6 "Chest note"
Seohyun-Bb5 "Chest note"
Sooyoung-Bb5 "Falsetto note"
Hyoyeon-G#5 "Chest Note"
Tiffany-G5 "Chest note"
Yoona-D5 "Falsetto note"

I just saw this on YouTube,so please,check it out for più proofs and please take note,that I am just saying the truth! So no bashing please! :).

So,based on the facts above,our SunnyBunny hits the highest and the best high note!

But for me, A Singer does not refer on the high notes on how good he/she is,if she/he reaches high notes then good! Nice! But for me,A singer refers on how good her/his tesstitura and timbre is to mostra to the people how good she is.

So we're now done to our article,I hope te like It and enjoy! So thanks for Leggere this/my article! Thank you! :).
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I thought that since I made another articolo about ranking, and that people actually like my articles, that I should make an articolo about something that I usually see on this club, TaeNy. I'm not trying to say that te should hate this couple, I just wanted to state my opinion since I see it a lot.

Truth be told, I'm not too fond of all the OTPS on here. I like seeing them having interactions with each other and their genuine friendship, but I'm getting a bit tired of seeing them everywhere I go on the Internet, especially TaeNy. Now, don't get me wrong, I like their friendship and all, but...
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Oh are dorky leader is at it again!