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Review by SentinelPrime89 posted più di un anno fa
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Finally I can get around to this! Shin Godzilla aka Godzilla Resurgence is the 29th installment in the long-running Godzilla franchise (31st if te count 1998 and 2014). And what an interesting piece of work it is because Shin Godzilla just narrowly tops Godzilla 2014. I will divulge a few spoilers so warning.

Godzilla's new origin follows in the footsteps of past enemies Hedorah and Destoroyah as a monster who didn't just start out as the Godzilla we all know. He actually starts out on four legs and has a long elongated neck that has what seems to be bleeding gills alongside both the left and right. He later transforms into something più like a Tyrannosaurus Rex but even uglier and disappears back into the sea as soon as he appears. About 20 minuti later into the movie, we are treated to Godzilla in the form he is seen as in all the trailers and goddamn, he is a BEAST. He is such a massive threat that Giappone needed the military resources of the USA, France, China, Russia and so on to try to destroy the monster. But of course, nothing works because he is GODZILLA.
Fan fiction by BlondLionEzel posted più di un anno fa
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(Part 2)

*Tokyo, Japan*

Godzilla: *Smacks a building with his tail, knocking it over*

Nick Roy: *Dodges the building* I need to find Faith! *Runs*

Godzilla: *Spots Nick Roy*

Nick Roy: *Looks behind himself* Uh oh...

Godzilla: *Notices a group of Type 74 Tanks heading towards him and roars*

Nick Roy: *Runs*

Solider #1: Citizen! te need to get to an evacuation point!

Nick Roy: I can't right now! I need to find Faith!

Solider #1: Citizen! We need te to-

Nick Roy: *Jumps over a blockade* Sorry!

*Tokyo Downtown*

Godzilla: *Fires his atomic breath at the Type 74 Tanks*

Type 74 Tanks: *Destroyed*

Godzilla: *Roars*

Nick Roy: *Notices the Newspaper Office and runs inside* Faith! Takashi!

Faith Lewellyn: *Unconscious, under a load of rubble*

Nick Roy: *Sees Faith and goes to her* Faith! Faith! It's me, Nick!
Fan fiction by BlondLionEzel posted più di un anno fa
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(Part 1)

*Sea of Japan*

Fishing barca Captain: *Laughs* This bad weather is nothing!

Fishing barca Member #1: Compared to your ego...

Fishing barca Captain: What was that?

Fishing barca Member #1: Oh, nothing.

Fishing barca Captain: Good. Now, lets bring in the nets!

Fishing barca Member #2: *Runs in frantically* Captain! Captain!

Fishing barca Captain: What is it?

Fishing barca Member #2: It’s...huge! *Passes out*

*Suddenly, the barca begins shaking and turning*

Fishing barca Captain: Hey! What’s going!

Fishing barca Member #1: Um...captain...

Fishing barca Captain: What is it?

Fishing barca Member #1:

Fishing barca Captain: SPIT IT OUT! *Turns around and sees a large thing*

Godzilla: *His eye is staring straight at the Fishing barca Captain*

Fishing barca Captain: *Screams*
Review by SentinelPrime89 posted più di un anno fa
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Oh my God....zilla! Caught the grand opening of the film and it was epic! It was dark. It was gritty. It was realistic. The CGI was as real as it could possibly get. The story was really good and it fit the kind of story te would find in any of the old Japanese films. The characters were genre cliche'd (soldier, nurse, monster expert, military general) but that's all part of the magic of reliving your childhood.
Also, the action scenes and monster fights were really well-done. The only flaw I saw in the whole film was some dull recitazione bits, primarily from the lead.
I give this film a 9/10.
Fan fiction by mickzilla posted più di un anno fa
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A Meeting of Monsters
da Michael L. King

    Godzilla would probably have never noticed the relatively tiny, green creature. It was sleeping in the foliage of this small, nameless, otherwise uninhabited, offshore island. Godzilla inadvertently stepped on it.

    Godzilla certainly couldn’t comprehend that they both had come here to take a rest from the ceaseless, hounding pursuit and attacks da the fearful masses with their guns, missiles, tanks, planes and bombs!

    Had Godzilla stepped just a few feet to one side o the other, they would be blissfully unaware of one another. Now, because of how events played out, they now would never forget each other!

    Godzilla had just come ashore out of the tepid ocean water and had intended to take a soothing nap under the warm tropical sun. Unbeknownst to Godzilla, the tiny green creature had exactly the same idea and was already resting on the soft spiaggia sand under the fronds of a swaying palm tree.
Article by mickzilla posted più di un anno fa
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A poltergeist in fact.
A primal spirit that has existed on the Earth since prehistoric times
It's mind is that of a dinosaur that is eternally going through the motions of being a dinosaur.
Like the ghost of a soldier who constantly repeats his march across the field of battle upon which he had died.
Godzilla's spirit, not knowing that he is already physically dead, believes he is still alive.
An Earthbound Spirit trapped within his corporeal form in a flash of Thermonuclear fire!

dinosauri were the absolute peak of evolutionary life forms on Earth.
Their diversity filled every imaginable ecological nitch until, da whatever means, meteoric o otherwise, doomed them to extinction
. When a spirit leaves the body, it is usually allowed to "step into the light" to merge with its spiritual source.(Heaven o God)
The dinosauri that were killed da the extinction event, died so quickly that they were deprived of their spiritual transition.
Guide by echosnake posted più di un anno fa
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OMG i just got news from something its about the successivo godzilla film! ok heres the thing aliens called killiaks grab 6 monsters(baragon,mothra,rodan,anguirus,varan and king caesar)and mind controlled them 4 monsters (megalon,godzilla,gorosaurus and godzilla jr[what???]) are left behind and the killiaks have amonster called Deathdestroyah and in the last fight scene all 10 monsters taam up to fight deathdestroyah only anguirus,gorosaurus,godzilla and rodan survived the fight 5 secondi later godzilla jr was tought to have been killed but he got up and deathdestroyah burst into flames and then all 5 monsters go back to their home island and there were 9 eggs and they will hatch into new monsters thats all and the movie is called super kaiju