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 whats wrong B?
whats wrong B?
i hope te enjoy my script for the way i think the season 5 finale should go. i know it hasnt started yet but i know the way i want it to go.
GG: good morning upper east siders todays just another day... oh wait its not its the giorno you've all been waiting for. our Queen B is acctually becoming royalty.

waldof apartment:
(Dorota enters)

D: Miss blair it's your wedding day.
B: i know i cant wait (Dosent sound to entusastic).
D: is something wrong miss blair
B: no im fine is serena up yet?.
D: since 7am this morning

(Blair gets up and goes downstairs to find serena doing her hair in curls)

S: blair te have hid the maid of honor dress all week can i see what im going to be wearing yet.
B:(Blair laughs under her breath) yes te can
(Pulls out a clothing bag from behind her.)
S: oh B its beautiful (Serena looks at the purple dress with a sparkly rim)
B: well S go try it on after te finish your hair.
S: oh beilive me B i will.
B: S have te heard from chuck today.
S: Blair?
B: its just im worried he might be upset and te know how he can get when he is
S: Dont worry about chuck today this is your big giorno and i cant belive te dont even seem that excited.
B: I am (Blair forced a smiled)

GG: looks like our favourite upper east sider isnt excited to finally become royalty. dont worry B we know on basso who feels the same way. lets just hope he doesnt head for the roof.

furgone, van der woodsen/humphrey apartment:

(lily sitting Leggere a magazine rufus is away out and chuck enters the room)

L: charles i thought te would be getting the empire ready.
C: i decided to let someone else take do it, and before te ask im not going to the cermony o reception.
L: and considering the receptions at the hotel te decided visit me.
C: is it ok with te if i stay here till the wedding is over.
L: it's always nice to have te around charles.
C: nate is going to drop of Ruby (Serena and nate's child (Not true)) later.
(Eric enters so does nate and ruby)
E: Chuck what are te doing here?
N: he is staying far away from the wedding.
E: Well im not going either but im still going to visit blair today and im sure she would still want to see te today.
C: i dont think blair is going to want to see me today.
E: She doesnt seem to think she has your support.
L: how do te know this eric.
E: me and serena have been texting since 7am and she says that blair is afraid that chuck will do something reckless. shes been cheaking gossip girl every 5 minutes.
N: thats blair for te maybe te should visit her his morning chuck o text her.
L: Nathanil are te going to bring my grand daughter over to me o not.
(Nate laughs and hands her to lily)
C: look everyone thanks for the concern but im staying away from the wedding for a reason and that is so i dont mess it up for blair she will calm down eventually.
N: Chuck?
C: Fine i'll text her.
N: Good.
(Eric and Nate leave for blair's house chuck gets out his blackberry)

Chuck's text:
Hope te have a gr8 giorno i have a big meeting srry i couldnt make it.

GG: chuck and blair why so misreable is it that maybe are two innamorati miss each other. soon blair will be married and chuck will be with... nobody.
i thought when two people loved each other they will eventually find their way back. All i know is that gossip girl is not missing this event.

waldorf apartment:

B: S i know chuck's ok he sent me a message
S: that's great maybe te can enjoy yourself now
B: funny S ( Steps into the same room as serena all dressed)TA DA
S: oh B te look beautiful (Serena starts to tear up)
B: S what's wrong?
S: its just after te get married i wont be able to see te as much you'll be in france
B: and te can come and visit any time
(Eric comes in)
E: oh Blair i would Amore that
B: i would Amore that to little furgone, van der woodsen
E: Sorry i cant come its just me and chuck are going to keep lily company since she is still on house arrest. serena she wants te to take lots of pictures
B:(Blair is shocked)Chuck's at lily's
E: yeah i tried to convince him to come over but he detto he didnt want to ruin your big day
B: (shakes her head) typical bass
(Blair takes out her phone)

Blair's message:
it would have been great if te could of came over first. who is your meeting with- b

S: what are te doing B
B: trying to make chuck tell the truth
S: ughh!!!
E: what?
B: he told me he was going to a big meeting he could have told me he didnt want to come i would have understood
E: blair he doesnt want to make it feel like he doesnt support your decision to sposta on
S: looks like te got a message B

chuck's message:
basso industries we are trying to fix some damage to the buisness.

Blair's reply:
You're lying basso your little bro just blown your cover. dont worry te can keep lily company :)

E: here's your wedding present i have got to go. and dont worry i'll keep an eye on chuck
B: thanks E

furgone, van der woodsen/humphrey apartment:

(lily and chuck are talking and chuck is playing with ruby)

L: so do te want to tell me the real reason you're not going to the wedding
C: that is the reason... partly
L: charles te can talk about anything with me te know that
C: im not over blair and i couldnt sit in that chapel and watch her marry someone else
L: does blair know you're still in Amore with her
C: no so thats why i cant go. she worries to much about me shes scared i would do something like i did when my father died.
L: sounds like she still has feelings for you
C: dont put that in my head (chuck laughes)
L: do te want her to marry louis because if te dont tell her how te feel te wont know how she feels and te wont get another oppertunity after today.
C: shes happy with louis
L: if i remember correctly before things got all crazy she was happy with te too. charles if we dont fight for the people we Amore we lose them to others.
(Chuck looks away)

GG: looks like lily is giving C some Amore advice. so blair watch out cause it looks like C isnt going down with out a fight. the dark prince is on his horse once again and on his way to save his girl from a burning building. be care Chuck te might just get burnt.

At the chapel:

S: te ready B you're ten minuti away from the fairy tale te always dreamed of.
B: the picture of me marrying a prince is a little fuzzy (Blair is not looking happy)
S: B what is wrong and i want te to tell me the truth no im fine's.
B: i guess when i started dating chuck he became the face in the suit waiting for me at the altar
S: you're not over him are you.
B: i thought i was but after that night...
S: what night (serena looks confused)
B: the night of the constance ball me and chuck spent the night together i was going to break it of with louis but chuck knew i was happy with him and told me to have my fairy tale.
S: why didnt te tell me this B
B: because i was hoping that chuck would come back for me over the months
S: do te Amore louis blair
B: i did and i wanted this so much but now... me and him will never have the relationship that chuck and i had... i Amore chuck.
S: te cant marry someone te dont Amore blair. i know i should be telling te this but these past three months i was hope te and chuck would get back together.
B: guess we both feel the same
S: what are te going to do?
(Blair looks at serena)

(Chuck arrives at the wedding half an ora later to see people coming out of the chapel)

B: te decided to come?
C: Blair where's your husband i thought you'd be with him?
B: basso te really do talk a load of crap i dont have a husband i've been waiting for someone else these past three months and S finally helped me make a decision
C: Lily helped me make one.
B: im not getting married to louis because i dont Amore him i Amore someone else
C: I wasnt going to sit and my culo and wait for the person i Amore to fly of to france never to be seen again
B: again
C: what?
B: Eva
C: i didnt Amore eva i dont belong with her never have never will. i belong with someone who is my equal. my other half.
B: same with me only not with eva but louis.
C: Waldorf te never fail to suprise me (pulls blair closer and sees she is wearing the ericson beamer collana (1x08) smiles)
B:(hesitates) are te gonna baciare me o not.

(Blair and Chuck kiss)

GG: aww do i hear Amore in the air. but havent we done this before. will it work out. time will tell

one week later

(opens on blair's finger with a purple engadgment ring.)
S: chuck te really did splash the cash its beautiful
B: and its his preferito colour
S: is that why my maid of honour dress was purple
B: maybe
C: i had to get a better ring than what louis gave her
S: aww chuck is still trying to beat louis even though he already has the girl
C: i always get the girl im chuck bass
B: im never gonna get tired of that line
S: da the way chuck happy birthday (hand him a box)
(Opens the box and laughes)
C: thanks my old one is Lost now i have a new scarf the same as the old one
S: well i hadnt seen the signature scarf in ages
B: mostra her the watch i gave you
C: it tells the time in australia and england
S: and its beautiful all at the same time.
B: and he can find a way to pull tricks on his uncle jack and know excatly what time it will happen
(Jack walks in)
J: who's playing tricks on me
B: what are te doing here
J: te if te want
B: Gross jack
C: what do te want jack?
J: well i thought te had Lost blair so i was going to laugh in your face
C: such a nice uncle
J: i was nice to te once o twice which is to many times
B+S: when was he ever nice to you?
C: when he helped me stop russell.
J: i even set up a scheam for chuck to get basso industries from him allowing him to punch, punzone me in the face
B: can te set something up so i can kick te where it hurts
J: fisty blair i like it
B: eww thats gross
S: im going to go see nate
B: are te two back on you've been spending alot of time with him?
C: te didnt tell her if i had known i would have considering she comes in the dorr and goes straight to nates room
S: thanks chuck

at the park:

(Georgina is waiting for charlie/ivy)

G: i know how te are going to get dan and find my way in
C: how
G: te know serena is very close to nate again ever since serena and nate had a baby
C: fake pregnancy how will that help you
G: well te met me once when i was pregnant and we grew close so te called me and now im going to belive in Gesù again
C: smart very smart
G: plus dan loves babys (Laughs menicingly)

GG: looks like B choose chuck hasnt this happened before and serena is with nate didnt it end up that serena wanted dan. georgina and charlie are working together and dan and charlie are together. gossip girl has got a sore head. choose your teams carefully Charlie cause georgie has a thing about stabing her Friends in the back te know te Amore me xoxo gossip girl
 Amore is in the air
love is in the air
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