Gravity Falls Which Gravity Falls game is your favorite? If te have più than one write them in the comments. Also, commento on why te chose a game as your favorite. :)

Pick one:
Oddity Creator
Mystery Shack Mystery
Postcard Creator
Mystery Tour Ride
The Twin Mystery Vortex of Doom
Fright Night
Mabel's Sweater Creator
Disney Super Speedway
Rumble's Revenge
Attic Stuff Golf
Mystery Shack Attack
Li'l Gideon Shrinks Back
Haunted Hunt
Holiday Sweater Creator
Disney Channel Snowman-O-Rama
Holiday Starglobe
PigPig Waddles Bounce Ultra
Prank-A-Tron 5000
Villains Unite
Mabel's Doodleblaster
I haven&# 39; t played any of the games
I haven't played any of the games
I have più than one preferito
I have più than one preferito
 Pokegal4life posted più di un anno fa
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