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Lykaia posted on Jun 07, 2012 at 02:34PM
Hello everyone, my new novel Lykaia is being published by Spore Press and is set to be out July 31st. Lykaia is the first book in a series of thrilling books that span the 5,000 year history of lycans: beginning with Zeus cursing King Lykaonas of ...Arcadia and his fifty sons, their histories, the secret religious society that has looked after the lycan since the beginning, and the modern female protagonist who is threatening to expose it all.

“We are the terrors that hunt the night. And we have never been human”

In Greek mythology there’s a story of King Lykaonas of Arcadia and his fifty sons who were cursed by the father of the gods, Zeus, to become wolves. The very first Lycanthropes. 

Forensic pathologist, Sophia Katsaros, receives a cryptic phone call from Greece telling her that her brothers are missing and leaves to search for them. With the help of Illyanna, her brother’s girlfriend, Sophia examines the evidence but cannot accept a bizarre possibility: Has one or both of her brothers been transformed during the Lykaia, the ceremony where Man is said to become Wolf?

Who is Marcus, a dark stranger that both repels and excites her? And what is the real story behind the 5000 year old curse of King Lykaonas?­-Or­man­/10­463­737­295­249­5


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