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To those who don't know what else to do for others to unisciti their new spots, o are bored that everybody makes pick o domande that say "would te unisciti my ... spot?"

Well, I have the solution! It's a new spot I created that's created only for that! It's called "Would te unisciti my ... Spot?".

If te want to invite others to a new spot you've created, te probably go for the option of asking in picks o asking in the answer parts. Those things are somehow annoying because a lot of times it has nothing to do with the spot you're in, so I would like to invite te to go to this spot and there te can ask to unisciti to your spot to everyone and nobody will be annoyed ;D

I will distribute this note to many different spots so that fan can post their domande and lots of fan can see your invitation to your new spots! :D

I will repeat this domanda monthly so that every new fan will read it ;)

 edwardcarlisle posted più di un anno fa
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FanDlux said:
lol. I don't mind those picks as long as they are Grey's related.
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posted più di un anno fa 
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