Grey’s Anatomy Favourite Couple Contest. Round 25. Pick your LEAST FAVOURITE COUPLE.

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29 fans picked:
Derek and Meredith
Callie and Arizona
Lexie and Mark
 Cara666 posted più di un anno fa
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Cara666 picked Derek and Meredith:
4. Alex and Izzie
5. Teddy and Henry
6. Cristina and Owen
7. Jackson and April
8. Lexie and Jackson
9. Mark and Callie
10. Lexie and Alex
11. Richard and Adele
12. Bailey and Ben
13. Owen and Teddy
14. Bailey and Eli
15. Derek and Addison
16. Callie and George
17. Alex and Addison
18. Richard and Ellis
19. Izzie and Denny
20. Cristina and Burke
21. Alex and Lucy
22. George and Olivia
23. Mark and Addison
24. Lexie and George
25. Izzie and George
26. Callie and Erica
27. Alex and Rebecca
28. Derek and Rose
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Nicolas97 picked Derek and Meredith:
Sorry MerDer :(So Happy to be on the Semi-Final (:
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LOTRlover picked Callie and Arizona:
I love calli and arizona-But I dont love them as much as I love MerDer and Marlex,I've just loved them longer I guess....hate to choose but how the hell are Owen and Christina not in least favorite?
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