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This Greyson Chance wallpaper contains segno, manifesto, testo, lavagna, and poster. There might also be ritratto, headshot, primo piano, and closeup.

This is Greyson's very HOT foto shoot!!!!! ♥ Enjoy & i Amore all the clothes he wore he looks good in anything!!!!! ;DD ♥♥♥
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- at school out side at lunch- it was a nice giorno out side so we had lunch out side and it was a friday .. -
Erin: sitting alone - i wish greyson was here - crys -
Skyler: ciao Erin i need to tell te something
Erin: yeah skyler ?
Skyler: Greyson is my cousion
Erin: WHAT!!!! awesome! te know where he is??
Skyler: hes on tour
Erin: :( and he dident tell me D:
Skyler : he detto he called te but te did not awnser
Erin: Oh - crys-
Skyler: don't cry please
- it was time to go home-
Erin: sighs - i miss Greyson - starts to cry-
Greyson: calls Erin-
Erin: awnsers phone while Crying- Hello?
Greyson: ciao Erin! whats...
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me and Greyson went to the same school
Me: whispher so Skyler - Omg its greyson chance
Skyler: ohh :l
- i had got the same classes as Greyson so i sat da him in the class acorse-
Greyson: hi
me: h . hi!!
Greyson: nice shirt!
- he detto that becuase am waring my greyson chance camicia ^_^-
me: thanks!
Greyson: so your a big fan of me ? becuase i can tell
Me: yea
Greyson: thats cool
Teacher: since its the 1st giorno we stay in home room the whole ora till we leave
class: ok
Greyson: your so nice :)
me: thanks - blushing -
- its was a week o so now -
Greyson: um Erin may i ask te something?
Me: yeah acorse
Greyson: Erin well i know we knew each other only for 2 weeks now but your so nice and cute and so um do te want to be my um Girl friend
Me: Yeah!
Greyson: :)
Me: - blushing-
End of part 1 part 2 coming soon :3