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sandraellis detto …
Halloween Night | Mens Guardian of the Galaxy 2 stella, star Lord Chris Pratt Leather giacca – FAST SHIPPING

link postato ·7 mesi fa
Glitch202 detto …
I have to say a BIG thank te to the writers and creators of such a wonder work of art! Groot has become a pet of my Traumatic Brain Injury group. We can all see little pieces of ourselves in him. Thank te for helping us deal with our trauma with a little humor! postato ·8 mesi fa
yevrah6 detto …
I'm Scrivere a review of the film guardians of the galaxy Vol. 2 for a local magazine. I was wondering if I could get some peoples visualizzazioni on the film logan to quote in the article. Anyone who responds will likely be featured in the articolo and I can send te a link to the articolo once it is published. Just any thoughts on whether the film was a fitting final entry for the character and how it stacks up against other X-Men films would be much appreciated. Thanks guys. postato più di un anno fa