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Daratora posted on Jun 14, 2012 at 03:37AM
Just some questions that have always bugged me but since the show ended it can't be answered...

Why have none of them ever told their parents, or at least Cleo's dad or step-mom so they can have an adult to look after them. Like when it rains they can't go to school the parents can call them in sick...or if it's a full moon they can have a sleep over! Also so Cleo doesn't have to do the dishes.

How do they go to the bathroom at school? Do they wash their hands?

Why would Cleo take a job at Sea World? I know she did it to prove a point but especially when she started to train dolpins it would have been too dangerous.

Can they go outside when it snows? Really foggy? Really humid?

When they go to college and live in a dorm, how will they take a bath?

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più di un anno fa h2o-clewis said…
About their parents , as the first episode I think Emma said they would not understand , and besides it would be very weird If your dad or mum knows , and they just want for their lives to be the least weird possible so ....
and I don't know very much about Australia's climate but I guess it doesn't rain that much their !
They can't go to the bathroom at school that's for sure , so they I don't know maybe will be prepared hmm
as you said Cleo took that job to prove her point , she took the training job I guess cause she loves dolphins I mean she swims with them in the sea , even though it's risky , Cleo with her power can actually protect her self from water , remember that episode of her wearing the jellyfish costume?
same with Australia's climate , or maybe their Area they live in!
For collage they could rent a house or anything , maybe they'll go to the same collage so they all live with each other
they've been mermaids since a lot of time , so they know pretty much about those things! :)