H2O Just Add Water To be honest talking about season 4 on this is not going to help make anotehr season

makoisland posted on Nov 16, 2012 at 08:38PM
guys if you think about it i would say everyone really really really wants a season 4 but unless some how we can get a page that the maker will look at this is not going to help us atm they makeing a stuiped spin off which no one will like we do need a season 4 but fanpop isnt going to help us :/

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più di un anno fa megaotaku64 said…
I get the fact that just talking about how they should make a 4th season isn't helping, but what's there to do? They have already started filming their new spin-off and I highly doubt that after this they will just drop everything and make a 4th season. I really wish they would, but it probably won't happen. The actors from h2o might be open to the idea of a 4th season, but who's to say they will all be back for it if they actually make one. Also, what is this 4th season going to be about? Even if they made one what will the story be? What if it turns out that the 4th season is bad? It isn't impossible, I mean just look at what they came up with for this spin-off, they have just run out of ideas. The creator of h2o, even if someone did make a whole website dedicated to getting a 4th season, will most likely not even see it. This is just the sad truth.