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Dramaqueen135 posted on Nov 07, 2008 at 01:35AM
i already look really identicle to cariba heine no joke so this does not apply to my but a couple of my friends tried it If you wan't to be, look, and act like rikki chadwick then girly girlys this forum topic is not for you heres a way to get rikkis blonde hair without dying it or bleaching it Step1In a small saucepan boil the 2 cups of water.
Step2Add the 5 tbsp. of chamomile flowers.
Step3Remove from heat and allow flowers to seep until water is cooled.
Step4Add the lemon juice and stir, after stirring you will strain the chamomile flowers.
Step5You will wash and condition your hair as usual and apply the rinse evenly.
Step6The more often you use this rinse the greater lightening effect for your hair.
things you need for this are:
2 cups of boiling water
5 tbsp. chamomile flowers
2 tsp. fresh lemon juice

Now for rikkis blue eyes:
besides already having blue eyes the only other way to get blue eye color is using colored contacts *you do not have to have regular contacts for this talk to your eye doctor to get these * note: theese might be expensive.

curly hair: in order to get curly hair try these ways
1) go to a hair salon and get a perm
2)use a hair curler and hair spray
3) take a shower (make sure you get your hair wet)then seperate your hair into for sections, next braid each section and tie a hair tie at the bottom. Now you have four braids. tie each hair braid up into four buns and place a hair tye to makesure it is secure. i know this may look silly but it does work. You have to go to sleep in this so the hair can get used to being curly/ wavy for a long period of time. when you wake up in the morning carefully take your hair down and spray it with hairspary make sure to get everywhere.
4) curl your hair with curlers overnight

Clothing: rikki likes to wear red, black, brown, dark green, dark blue, white, tan, and cream, she has one pink tank top but it has black all over it. other wise make sure that you dont wear lots of pink purple and bright colors and coloful make up.

Attitude: Rikki has a very edgy attitude, she is sassy, prickly, sly, sometimes funny, sarcastic, she can be mean, disorganized, she does though have a soft side to her.

Rikki Chadwick


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più di un anno fa Dramaqueen135 said…

più di un anno fa blitzholly said…
i think it is cool but what if you have brown hair

Rikki+Zane=Zikki love forever :>)
più di un anno fa Mermaid-Gurl said…
How to get her vioce

più di un anno fa blitzholly said…
but i want to know how to get rikki's hair if your hair is brown with out first dying it and doing the intrsection(yes that is spelled wrong)

Rikki+Zane=Zikki love forever :>)
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più di un anno fa kittykat4456 said…
I love Rikki and I try to be like her in what I wear, but that is ridducles. I'm not dying my brown hair. I already have blue eyes and like black,red, brown, white, cream, and tan. I don't have Rikki's attiude and I like bright colors. I think if you want to look like Rikki, you should try wearing two braids more often and buy someting black, red, or any of the colors mentioned above.
più di un anno fa blitzholly said…
i know i am not dying my hair but i love rikki

Rikki+Zane=Zikki love forever :>)
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più di un anno fa H2OGirls said…
hey guy's, it's Cariba. how are all of you doing today? i'm doing fine and so are Claire and Phoebe. LOL, this is the Rikki site. this is where you will get the best ideas to become a rebel. tht is the most important rule about Rikki. and it's not listed on here. but Rikki is a rebel, so become a rebel, just don't take it to extremes.
più di un anno fa h2olovesrikki said…
awesomeness to who eva made dis!!!!
più di un anno fa rikkichadwick13 said…
im already like rikki and i look like her too no lie and im a rebel and everything she is the thing is i dont have curly hair too much but i always wear two braids.
più di un anno fa Betso9 said…
big smile
You Guys rock