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H20fan1988 posted on Aug 07, 2016 at 10:43AM
I have read that there were plans of making a 4th season of H2O: just add water, but they cancelled it. I have also read there were plans of making a h20 just add water movie. But on wikipedia they don't say anything about a movie.

They now made a spin-off named mako mermaids. on the wikipedia page mako mermaids they say there's going to be a movie. In the movie old characters would appear like: emma, rikki, cleo, bella, zane and lewis.

What i want to know is what is true and what is not true? And is there a chance in the future they will make a 4th season or more seasons of h20 just add water?

I know that not everything on wikipedia is true.

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più di un anno fa Novvak said…
Jonathan M. Shiff, creator and director of the show, has confirmed a Season 3 of Mako Mermaids, and a Film in the works! Little information has been released yet regarding the film, however, Shiff had stated that some of the original Mermaids will be making a return!
più di un anno fa jds675 said…
Only 2 seasons of H20 were planned from the start. Season 3 was a last minute decision due to high fan demand, so its pretty safe to say that a 4th season was probably never a thought. Besides season 3 killed the series anyway, it was terrible.