H2O Just Add Water How Could The Fan(People) O Wikipedia Are Wrong About Bella Is Freeze Things And Last Name ?????

mikethecat posted on Oct 27, 2009 at 04:12PM
hi everyone fans,

how could wrong the fans(people) and wikipedia are wrong about bella is freeze things and last name.

bella is a jelly thing(same as gelatin),clear and her last name is hartley not roberts(relate to twilight-movie).

wait and see on the show what is bella power is and last name.

do you trust fan or wikipedia ?? don't predict is bella power is and last name til on show.

how do you feeling about the fans and wikipedia ?

feel free feedback and share


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più di un anno fa H2o_James said…
i know for a fact tht her power isnt freezeing seeing how i saw the first ep of season3 on youtube and i dont remember them mentioning her last name yet
più di un anno fa H2o_James said…
well i said it was jelly because i didnt think they would put freezing again but i love bellas power is really cool i love the first episode its my new fav episode so far
più di un anno fa cwimapup said…
I totally agree, though her power is freezing things she just knows how to control her power really good so she can just partly freeze water to make it jelly :)
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