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la scelta dei fan: marry Jane, fuck Alex, kill Penny
la scelta dei fan: Four Weddings and a Funeral (Minus Three Weddings and One Funeral)
la scelta dei fan: Max
la scelta dei fan: Jane
la scelta dei fan: the secondo season
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itkatie321 detto …
When this mostra first started the recitazione was a little stilted but te can tell the Scrivere is fabulous and wickedly funny, so i kept watching and now in its third season, i cannot get enough, this mostra could surpass Seinfeld in the funny category! its well written and all the characters are funny and unique in their own way..Love this show!!!!! postato più di un anno fa
bakes2389 commentato…
.....everything is funnier than Seinfeld lol più di un anno fa
itkatie321 commentato…
check your mail bakes, i think te are baked lol più di un anno fa
bakes2389 commentato…
I did.....and I think your account was banned. lol più di un anno fa
Grapeman100 detto …
what shines in the sky?
The sun!
I eat plankton. postato più di un anno fa
closeenough detto …
who can't wait for Oct. 23? n_n amahzing~ postato più di un anno fa
CelestialDream commentato…
I'm excited! più di un anno fa