I watched the harry potter HBP movie at the midnight mostrare yesterday because I Amore the libri and I'm a huge nerd. I think that this movie was the funniest one yet and the one with the most romantic turmoil which gave a nice subplot to the story (just like in the 6th book)

I don't understand WHY they burned the Weasley house...that was totally random. I also don't get why they didn't include the battle of hogwarts, it's not going to be anti climatic with the seventh movie's ending...it wasn't in the libri so get over yourself. I'm also a little confused as to Fluer and Bill. Are they going to get married in the 7th movie? (The wedding kind of important to the story seeing as that's when Ron Hermione and Harry leave on their adventure and the fact that they end up back at Shell Cottage after being at the Malfoys)But Bill didn't get attacked da Fenirir Greyback so is he just going to be normal looking?

complessivamente, generale I think The story was followed really well up until the unessesary torching of the Weasley house, and the mildly dissapointing ending...but it was very funny and I will probably end up buying it.