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Note: This is my opinion, but I use facts from the book.You are più than welcome to have a different opinion than my own and feel free to state it. I was not rude in this articolo (and I use facts to support my reasoning) so please be curious and do the same :)

Not much is known about Ginny's education. Since Harry Potter is told in third person, and focuses entirely on Harry, Ginny tends to get pushed into the background. So, this part is all assumption.
We know she is an accomplished Bat-boogey hexer (it's why Slughorn took an interest in her in HPB) and is pretty good at defending herself. She manages to handle herself while in the department of mysteries in OotP. We never hear about Hermione getting angry about Ginny's study habits, nor do we ever see Ginny come to Hermione for help with her homework.

If you've ever read the Harry Potter books, te know Hermione is a total book worm. She studies constantly, even making color coded charts for studying finals. She takes on as many classes as she can (as mentioned in Prisoner of Azkaban), but rises up to the educational challenges. She even manages, in OotP to get an 'Acceptable' from Snape when he begins to grade at O.W.L. Level.
Hermione's hard work pays off. She becomes the “top of her class” and is the “brightest witch of her age (as mentioned da pretty much everyone throughout the entire series.).”

It's mentioned several times between Twilight and Eclipse that Bella is good in school. She passed all her finals with good grades. She finds English and Biology easy. She struggles a little bit with Math and History, but still gets fairly good grades.
We hardly ever see Bella studying, if at all, throughout Twilight and Eclipse.

Over all winner: Hermione
In the education department, Hermione is a better role-model. She shows, not just young girls, but young children everywhere that hard work pays off. If te want good grades, te have to earn them.

Now, again, if you've read the Harry Potter books, te know Ginny's crush on Harry pretty much begins as soon as she lays eyes on him in SS. It's lasts through the entire series, but it's never a focal point. Yes, in CS, Ginny can hardly talk to Harry, blushing constantly and even sending him a Canto valentine. In PoA, she's still shy, but she's opened up around him. She can function when he's around. In GoF, she opens up even more, actually having conversations and laughing with Harry. In OotP (as mentioned after Harry, Ron, and Hermione have the meeting for DA) it's even thought that Ginny has moved on from Harry. She's dating other guys, and is friendly with Harry. She's moved on and that's that.
In HPB, it's revealed that she hadn't really “given up.” She takes matters into her own hands and, after baciare Harry, they begin a romantic relationship. When Dumbledore dies, Ginny understands that Harry has to leave. She lets him go.
In DH, Ginny, for Harry's birthday, gives him a baciare in her bedroom. She isn't all that surprised that Harry is hunting Voldemort and understands that, at that point in time, she cannot be with him. After Voldemort is destroyed, they resume their relationship, eventually marrying and having children.

In the first three books, Hermione and Ron have a love-hate relationship, of sorts. Ron thinks Hermione is an annoying know-it-all, but he stands up for her and has her back. Hermione thinks Ron is lazy, but she stands da him. They fight about everything from Scabbers being eaten da Crookshanks, to school work.
Hermione's crush on Ron is not as obvious as Ginny's crush on Harry. Throughout the first three books, the two have a friendly relationship, but it's never truly revealed if they have feelings for each other. In GoF, Hermione goes to the ball with Victor Krum. It's alluded she has strong romantic feelings for him, but the two only remain cordial pen pals throughout the rest of the series.
The tension, which was brought up in GoF skyrockets in HPB, when Ron begins dating Lavender Brown. There is a long period where Hermione and Ron don't speak. Hermione finally forgives him after he says her name while semi-conscious (after he was poisoned).
At the end of Dumbledore's funeral, Harry sees Ron with his arms around Hermione, comforting her while she cries.
It's assumed, in DH, that the pair are dating. Very rarely do they every have PDA, o commento on their feelings for one another. Hermione is heartbroken when he eventually leaves, but never speaking his name and, when he returns, being very cold with him. It isn't until the final battle the two share a long-awaited, passionate kiss. The two eventually end up marrying and having children.

When Bella and Edward first meet, Edward inexplicably, “unfairly,” and “meanly” does not like Bella, although they have never spoken. Bella cries (correction: she fights tears the whole way home). Edward leaves school for a week and comes back willing to talk to Bella. Three days later, she's “irrevocably in Amore with him” despite the fact that he's a killer vampire who thirsts for her blood. He, and his entire family, saves her life from one vampire, and takes her to prom. She also decides, since she loves him, she wants Edward to turn her into a glittering vampire.
In the secondo book, he throws her into a table, and leaves her. Later, when he thinks she's dead, he tries to commit suicide da revealing to a bunch of people in Italy that he's a vampire. Bella runs to stop him, without once falling over (what happened to being a klutz?) and she, Alice, and Edward are taken to the Volturi. They say they will let them go without harming them as long as Bella eventually gets turned into a vampire. They leave Italy, go back to Forks, and Edward promises to never leave and Bella is happy. In third one, they get engaged, and get married and produce a cannibalistic vampire/human monster with too many chromosomes in the fourth one.

Over all winner: Hermione
It's close: Hermione only won because Ginny was so awkward around Harry in the secondo book. She couldn't speak and her face was permanently the color of a tomato. Hermione kept her composure, never complained about Ron's “unfair” treatment of her (unless he did something really, really bad). She also took things slow, waiting a whopping six, almost seven years before she acted on her feelings. Her affection made sense: she'd been through practically everything with Ron, helping him, saving him, while he helped and saved her in return.

Doing What's Right
Ginny -
Ginny has no problem telling Ron off when he's done something insulting. She stands up for Luna (and possibly Neville at one point?). She fights along side Harry in the Department of Mysteries, ditching school to save her friend's Godfather.

Hermione -
Hermione stands up for mistreatment of magical creatures, even, as we see in the fourth one, creating a club to raise awareness (and stop) the mistreatment of house elves. After she graduates from Hogwarts, she goes into the ministry to continue the work she started when she was fourteen.
She constantly backs Harry and Ron, including hiding out while they try and find Horcruxes in DH. She fights along side Harry in the Department of Mysteries, and all through DH.

Bella -
Bella stops Edward from walking out into the sunlight in Italy, ensuring that the Volturi will not kill him for breaking the rule. She gives birth to Nessie, who stops the feud between licantropi and vampires.

Over all winner: Tie.
It's a tie between Hermione and Ginny. They do what's right for everyone, not just themselves and the men they care about.

Ginny -
We see throughout the series that the Weasley family in general are a very close-knit family. Mrs. Weasley's greatest fear is her children dying.
We also see how close Ginny is to Ron and how loyal she is to the rest of her friends.
So, we can assume that Ginny is just as loyal to the rest of her family as she is to Ron. She is distraught and angry in DH because she is forced to wait behind while the rest of her family go out and fight. She even attempts to sneak out, risking her own life, just to be informed about what's going on.

Hermione -
Not much is known about Hermione's family. We know they are muggle dentists. We know she altered their memories and sent them to Australia in DH to keep them sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza from Voldemort.

Bella -
In Twilight, Bella is worried about Charlie's safety when James is attacking her. Edward assures her that they will be watching him as well. She feels guilty for what she says to make Charlie let her leave. As soon as Edward says James and Victoria left Forks, she relaxes and never thinks about it again.
In New Moon, Bella worries about Charlie's health, realizing that he is just as old as his friend who died of a cuore attack.
She is willing to let her family go if it means she can spend eternity with Edward. But, in Breaking Dawn, she decided to try and keep Charlie around, relying on her strong vampire family to stop her from killing him.

Over all winner: Ginny

How They Handle Their Men Leaving
Ginny -
Ginny stays strong. She understands and accepts that Harry needs to leave. She's not happy, but she's knows it's for the best..

Hermione -
Hermione cries, of course, when Ron leaves. She follows him out of the tent and cries for him to come back. Eventually, she realizes he won't and cries the rest of the night. She and Harry never spoke Ron's name, nor did the two of them talk much. She still helped Harry try and find horcruxes, still does what she needs to do. She's never happy, but she does, after some time, accept that he is gone.

Bella -
Bella completely shuts down, even going to a coma-like state after Edward leaves. She describes herself as a “zombie.” Eventually, thanks to Charlie threatening to take her back to Pheonix, she snaps out of it. She begins to realize that, if she does stupid stunts, she can hear Edward's voice. She drives a motorcycle, walks up to strange, drunk men, and jumps off a cliff and almost drowns (remember, when she was under the water, Edward kept telling her swim and she wouldn't).

Over all winner: Tie
Ginny is probably the best role-model in this scenario, mostrare young girls how they SHOULD act when confronted with their man leaving. However, very few girls would actually act this way. So, Hermione becomes the più realistic role-model. She's sad, but still carries on even though he's gone.

Ginny -
Ginny loved quidditch. She snuck into the scopa shed when she was seven and played with her brothers brooms. In her fourth year, she plays for her house team, continuing to play her fifth anno as well. She's passionate and turns her passions into a career.

Hermione -
Hermione knows she wants to do good in the world. She wants to make things better for mistreated magical creatures and she does! But, at first, she doesn't think she'll be able to do much, so she looks at other career options, keeping her mind open.

Bella -
It is never detto what Bella wants to do when she grows up, nor does it really matter. She becomes a vampire and lives forever with Edward.

Over all winner: Hermione
Hermione studies hard, is a little unsure of what she wants to do, but she looks at several career options. She works for her goal and accomplishes it.
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A/N: I just thought it would be an interesting subject, te know? And before te do anything, just to let te know, I FAIL at characterisation. So don't go all batshit on me if I get Hermione o anyone else wrong, 'kay?

Today, on the 17th of October, the court session for the famous "Meyer Case" was initiated. Stephenie Meyer, founder of Twilight, inc., the billion-dollar advertising company, was arrested on several charges, including: allegations of fraud charged da worldwide companies Feminism, inc., 3D pwns 2D, and Literature n Books; the murder of various brain cells; abuse and rape of thesarus,...
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