Harry Potter vs Twilight domande for both Fandoms?

GoldenSnowflake posted on Jan 05, 2014 at 02:45AM
Ok, I have to admit, this whole HP vs Twilight thing is fun! I created this forum so that we can go and ask questions like... Why does Jacob turn into a Werewolf in the middle of the day? Just an example. Hopefully we can settle the differences like civilised people. Only one thing: No Trolls or silly questions. :)

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più di un anno fa Ravenclaw2001 said…
In Hogwarts, where do they learn maths and reading?
Shiro_Hittori commented…
They do, but with different name. maths is Arithmancy o Advanced Arithmancy Studies and they have many Leggere and speaking subject. Example: Study of Ancient Runes (study of runic scriptures, o Runology). Usually the pureloods can speaks many languages at a very young age. Like French, Italian, German, etc. Even latin (because usually latin is the language for spells). più di un anno fa