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Why is it whenever Dan is on Regis and Kelly, he can't keep still? x]
dan radcliffe
Okay. I know what te are all thinking. Oh no not another Harry Potter vs. Twilight articolo but yes I am making one because I can. I just want my opinion to be heard. So first off let me lista the reasons why children, teens and adults can Amore Harry Potter and the good messages that Harry Potter gets across. Harry Potter first of all teaches people about the very special bond between people called friendship. Harry, Hermione and Ron are a perfect example of friendship. They are all with Harry until the very end like they promised. They risk their lives for each other and even though they fight,...
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It's pretty obvious from just my username that I am a 'Twilighter',but I will try not to be biast in this article. So, lets compare the two...

Which made più money?

♥ The movie 'Twilight' made $69,637,740 in the USA and £2,508,422 in the UK, in its opening weekend. 'Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone/philosphers stone' made $90,294,621 in the USA and £16,335,627 in the UK, in its opening weekend.

♥ 'New Moon' in its opening weekend made $142,839,137 in the USA and £11,683,158 in the UK, whereas 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets' made $88,357,488 in the USA and £18,871,829 in...
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Essay Three in my ‘What’s Wrong with Twilight’ o WWT series, is entitled “Bella is Messed Up”. We will be exploring what is wrong with Bella da examining her choices and actions. I may later test her on a psychoanalysis test.

One, she is pathetically whiny. te could open any page of a book and find one where she’s whining. TwiFans try to cover this up da pre-bookmark-ing a book at a page with a descrizione of the setting (One of the so very few there are). She always begs Edward to turn her into a vampire, even when he blatantly refuses her pleadings every time.

Two, she is too...
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