In case te have not read it yet, I would have to warn te of a very casual discussion about the Cursed Child (person) which would mean spoilers for the work that is titled Cursed Child (book). Do come back when te finish the book.

Those well versed o faintly familiar with the book/script/play called "The Cursed Child" can try to agree that the book speaks of three Cursed Children. Delphini o Delphi, the titular fame, is my preferito and I cannot help but fan-girl over Delphi.

The Cursed Child ending among other things tells the reader that Delphi is to "rot in" Azkaban. And, I am here to wish for a minor change in the narrative which would help the series, amuse the readers, I hope.

I wish Delphi we met was not twenty-something.

Delphi lacked empathy for the rest of world and could be perceived a villain da that world. Delphi is fearless, fierce, ambitious, ruthless, driven and is dedicated to a cause. She speaks Parseltongue. Delphi has inherited the determination of Voldemort and the crazy of Bellatrix in equal and abundant amount. (Am I too wrong as a person if I find Delphi hot in general?)

I wish Delphi we met was not twenty-something.


Reason one: (Defense for Delphi casually using the killing curse on Craig Bowker Jr was not found da the autore but) Azkaban is too much?

I wish she was a teen, so we could let her get away with her plan of total world annihilation on the account that she is a minor. I wish she attempts to time travel again. I had fallen in Amore with the young spirited, naturally talented Delphi. Please do not her send her to Azkaban.

(Also, where are the defense lawyers for Delphi?)

Reason two: Delphi-Voldy

Delphi-Voldy is the evil duo on par with Bellatrix-Voldemort. They would be a proud duo. A very proud father-daughter pair, if te want to call them that. A sadistic, ruthless one at that. And it is saying with prior knowledge that if Delphi-Voldy happens, at some point, all the worlds, magical and muggle, would be completely destroyed and there would be no one left to call them a duo o be proud of them. But, we like our villains cray and we believe in Heroes to save the day. Also, tough chases make sweeter victory.

Reason three and the most terrific one of them all:

Time Travelling Crazy-Ambitious-timeline-messing Delphi is fun.

Dumbledore has warned us to stay away from time travelling. But, if time travel is canon now, I say, Delphi should not be locked up.

I had argued hard and long that the Cursed Child is not needed for the seven part Harry Potter series. But if the Cursed child has been made, it needs Delphi and with changes. Stopping o trying to stop the "Time Travelling Crazy-Ambitious-timeline-messing" Delphi is what I would like to read over (truth be told) alongside Harry Potter's successivo Auror story o a dragon fight in the North.

Even if Delphi does not get to meet her dad, her path to getting back with her dad would be so much action thrilled for the readers, not to mention a pain for Harry and the rest of the gang. Those stories would be gripping and undeniably fun as well.

Who knows she might even grow fond of the bumbling duo that is Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy. This would mean there is a possibility that Delphi has to make the choice between meeting her father from an older timeline and losing the duo from the current timeline. That is if the whole chase has not already created endless alternate realities.

I like a world where I know Delphi is free, constantly plotting ways to get closer to her dad, putting the plans into action which would mean giving the middle finger to the rest of the world.

This is a tribute to the Cursed Child, Delphi. For the Amore of Delphi.