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posted by LilysLittleTwin
Disclaimers: If I owned Harry Potter, would I be Scrivere this stupid list?
I don’t even know why anyone would want to own Twilight.

1. When he’s fast asleep, sound a trumpet right successivo to his ear.

2. Sing “The Song That Never Ends.”

3. At five-thirty in the morning, wake him up, ‘Good morning, dear Lord Snake-face!’

4. Constantly compare him to Darth Vader.

5. Let loose 3,846,729,462 mice in his bedchamber.

6. cappotto every corner of his headquarters in butter/cheese.

7. Introduce him to Bella/Voldy pairings.

8. Throw water over him. If my calculations are correct, he’d melt!

9. Show...
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posted by Starwarschick18
I started Leggere the hp series when I was 12.
My grandma bought me the 1st book for Christmas.
As soon as I finished it I instantly loved it and re-read it about 4 times! I became obsessed with collecting the entire series and eventually obtained all seven volumes. Why I Amore Harry Potter so much is J.K Rowling really transports te to a different world with her style of writing. There is so much detail and realism in her Scrivere that whenever I read the libri I am compeletly engrossed in the Harry Potter universe. Another thing I really Amore about the libri is the characters are really believable...
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