Harry Potter Harry Potter Tag Team Tournament,Round 1, Duel 10

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Cedric & Cho
Seamus & Dean
 Narusasu4EVER posted più di un anno fa
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Silverdoe picked Cedric & Cho:
I don't think Seamus would be any help so Cedric and Cho would win :)
posted più di un anno fa.
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DarkSarcasm picked Seamus & Dean:
...or Cedric & Cho could be too busy making out (pre-death, I'd hope) and Seamus & Dean could sneak attack 'em. =P
posted più di un anno fa.
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delamico picked Cedric & Cho:
Cedric was skilled, he was chosen by the Goblet of Fire. And Cho should be good too, she was a Ravenclaw (so smart) and had practical skills too (Quidditch)
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