Harry, Ron and Hermione Harry-Ron-Hermione-Quote Contest!

emilykuru posted on Mar 18, 2011 at 01:14PM
ok so i'll be giving something like this:

_ _ / _ _ _/

and u've got to find what it is! its quite simpple!

each _ stands for one letter and the / indicates space. so eacxh one should gues only one letter once but can try 3 times. the one who finds the quote gets 10 props!

so go on and try, once again i'll demonstrate,

user1: _ _ _ / _ _ _ / _ _ _.

user2: any u?

user1: _ u _ / _ u _ / _ _ _.

user2: i got it! "tut tut tut"

user: i'll give u ten props for that one!

so go on guys, if u have any doubts, ask right away. tell me what u think of this forum. we'll start right away!

and btw, the one who finds the quote, gets the chance to post the enxt one. remember - it should be a quote of either - harry/ron/hermione - not others! and the one i gav above was just for example! so all the best! have fun guys!

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più di un anno fa emilykuru said…
so how is it guys? do u like this one?
più di un anno fa LUNAFAN said…
Yeah, dat's interesting!!
più di un anno fa MFC_34 said…
Sounds fun! I'm in :)