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LaVocaGirl detto …
I recently rewatched a few episodes of ciao Arnold! and man I didnt remember it was this awesome. I really really Amore Helga as a character! Shes so ugly and mean but I just Amore her. One of the best cartoon characters ever in my opinion. postato più di un anno fa
joyfullness101 detto …
helga and arnold forever postato più di un anno fa
peterpanreal detto …
"Arnold my love, my sultry preteen
Why must I hold te only whilst I dream?
Will I be forever enslaved da your spell?
Why must I worship te and never ever tell?
Arnold te make my girlhood tremble,
My senses all go wacky.
Someday I'll tell the world my love,
o my name's not Helga G. Pataki."
-Helga's Poem postato più di un anno fa
peterpanreal commentato…
This is from the episode "Helga's Parrot" più di un anno fa
joyfullness101 detto …
Helga is my preferito character of ciao Arnold! postato più di un anno fa
peteandco commentato…
me too! più di un anno fa
HelgaGpataki detto …
te asked to make a fan page without MY permission? CRIMENY BOBBBBBBBBB!!! postato più di un anno fa
Maifangirl detto …
Helga's my preferito on the show. :) postato più di un anno fa
charmecia5 detto …
helga is the best and one of my preferiti on the mostra along with grandma, gerald, and arnold. pheobe too. postato più di un anno fa
Maria7Potter detto …
I Amore her! postato più di un anno fa