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It's been awhile since the rebooted Hello Venus burst onto the scene, complete with a sexy concept. Now, instead of a single, they've released a full mini album, 'I'm Ill,' with the titolo track produced da Ribelle - The Brave Brothers. A fan of Hello Venus before the revamp, I was curious about the new album.

Starting with an auto-tuned "Hello Venus, Ribelle - The Brave Sound drop it," it quickly turns into a bouncing, twisty synth line that is totally appropriate for a dance song. As much as I'm not a fan of the new Hello Venus, I was in heaven when I heard this one. As fun as the song is, it's the standard subject matter...
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Source: http://femaleidol.tumblr.com/
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Source: http://femaleidol.tumblr.com/
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