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posted by Rogue475
How to sum up my life? most people could find a way to answer that... but for me this...this story is complicated and crazy. In fact it would take someone crazy to understand this all... I am crazy, but I am alive and know what needs to be done. I am Scrivere this to tell my story, before I am gone. So that the world will know the truth... The Demi-Gods are right, they were always right. The Truth, our so-called leaders twisted to their own design to bend us to their will, their desires. When this is all over, If i am alive, te will find me at gateway to the Gods. In the city of Steel and Brick,...
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all of my characters will most probably be the same so I'll just do one

Full Name: Kiera Ann Mason (nickname K pronounced Kay)
Meaning: dark;lord (ironic right?)
Hometown: Virginia
Current Residence: no where
Age: just turned 17
Gender: female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: average
Blood Type: B
Nationality: American
Birthday: 31 December 1994
Chinese Zodiac: Tiger
Compatibility:i have absolutely no idea
Greek Zodiac: Capricorn
Ruling Planet(s): Saturn
Element: Light
Hair Color: Black
Hair Type: dip dyed her ends purple once, just below her shoulder, glossy
Eye Color: Violet
Eye Sight: perfect vision, no contacts...
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I will not bow da Breaking Benjamin. Cara asked me to post this cause she can't as she's using mobile...I think...
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Disclaimer: I do not own Greek Mythology, nor do I own the considerable contribution's made to it recently da Rick Riordan, the king of trolls. Credit also to O. Henry for providing inspiration via his Jimmy Valentine character, minor inspiration also attributed to Kiritsugu Emiya from Fate/Zero (Which is a fantastic Anime btw)

Jake Patrick is just as much a myth and a legend as some of the original Greek Heroes. According to his records he is currently eighteen but despite his age is giving the authorities of the world a run for their money. (Literally) He's a extremely skilled son of Hermes...
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posted by Nicolicious
Kahlee, daughter of Skadi, of Camp Sanctuary

I pulled the drawstring back on my bow, my frost breath puffing from my mouth, squinting one eye I locked onto the deer in front of me. I took a deep breath, pulling in the oxygen around me, then I released. The Arrow soared through the air with a quiet whistling noise when moments later it hit with a thud and the deer in front of me took off into the woods. I slowly picked my way through the snow covered woods, following the tracks in front of me. I soon came upon a Frozen lake and on the icy surface was the young doe, slowly huffing its last breathes....
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I just like the song the video not much
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" te were banished!" Alvin to Blaze, his eyes furious.

Alvin Hamilton III is a son of Poseidon and the First Ghost and Fifth Sentinel of The City. His eyes sometimes turn red, and he calls it the Sharingan and he can now do it when ever he wants.


He was born of a Grazer, Adrian Ewing and Poseidon. Poseidon postato like a mortal and mated with Adrian. Adrian thought Poseidon died in a shipwreck, sometime after Alvin was born. She didn't cry, she just got ready for Grazer duties.

Alvin lived fatherless in a village somewhere outside but near to Tokyo, but...
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posted by Nicolicious
Okay, so this club needs Admins. Admins are people who have the authority to remove people from forums, except these people and segnala them. They are basically the Law-Keepers of the club.
These are our Admin:
And Alvin2442

Be aware that te can be removed from this club if Blaze_of_Ares o I say so. Blaze is secondo in charge. So say when I go away for a holiday, Blaze becomes the 'Leader' of the club and all domande are to go to him.

Thanks for Leggere and don't destroy this club. XP