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Animelover1220 posted on May 10, 2012 at 02:22AM
Ok, answer the questions and put you sentence together in that order! Have fun! I like these games 😊😊😊

1: What are you sitting on?

Regular Chair: I'm in love with
Chair with wheels: I partied with
Folding chair: I went on a date with
Couch: I ate ice cream with
Table (what I do it sometimes 😂) : I sang with
Bed: I became one with
Floor: I kissed
Other: I went to a baseball game with

2: Month of birth?

January: Italy
February: Germany
March: Japan
April: America
May: France
June: England
July: Prussia
August: Austria
September: China
October: Finland
November: Sweden
December: Russia

3: Eye color?

Blue: because he loves me
Green: because I'm awesome
Brown: because I was drunk
Black: because I had nothing else better to do
Grey: because I tripped over him
Other: because he fell for my master plan

Put them together and tell what your sentence is in the comments! 😄

My sentence: I became one with Russia because he loves me 😂 lolz I did not even mean to do that! Lolz!!! 😝😝😝

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