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justinfangrrl posted on May 11, 2012 at 06:24PM
OKay, I've seen this before on another club and thought it'd be cool to try it here...

Here's how it works:
There is a list of Kingdom-ish characters and YOU get to decide which fanpopper on this club is who! Or, you can use the Hetalia characters! Here's the list:

Sweet princess:
Sassy princess:
King's servant:
King's other servant:
Princess's Nursemaid:
Regular Maid:
The cook:
Ye Royal Hooker:
King's Advisor:
Heroic Prince:
Brave Knight:
Prince's sidekick:
Evil Witch/wizard:
Evil Sidekick:

Go ahead and start! Add some more characters if you like! :D
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più di un anno fa smileyAqua said…
Sweet princess:smileyAqua
Sassy princess: hungary
Joker: Italy
King's servant: China
King's other servant: Chibitalia
Princess's Nursemaid: Belarus
Housemaid: Germany
Regular Maid: Sweden
The cook: Romano
Ye Royal Hooker: justinfangrrl.. XD
King's Advisor: Russia
Heroic Prince:America
Brave Knight: Canada
Prince's sidekick: Tony
Evil Witch/wizard: Prussia
Evil Sidekick: Gilbird
Handsome castle guard: Japan
Pet rock: KaleidoscopeFox
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più di un anno fa KaleidoscopeFox said…

più di un anno fa Aph-Finland said…
King: Russia
Queen: Belarus ^w^
Sweet princess: Leinchinstene (can't spell it O,O)
Sassy princess: Poland (idk anymore XD)
Joker: Sealand
King's servant: Estonia
King's other servant: Lithuania
Princess's Nursemaid: France
Housemaid: Hungary
Regular Maid: Chibitalia
The cook: IGGY ^w^ (lol)
Ye Royal Hooker: ????
King's Advisor: Latvia
Heroic Prince: ?????
Brave Knight: ????
Prince's sidekick: ?????
Evil Witch/wizard: Denmark
Evil Sidekick: America
Evil Sidekick 2: Prussia

i tried, i think i made it to funny
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