Hetalia Axis Powers - Incapacitalia Hetalia Axis Powers - Incapacitalia RP anyone? :3

pinkiepie213 posted on Nov 13, 2014 at 03:58AM
My oc's 2P or non 2P!

9. Hetalia
Gender: Female
Country/state/county/whatever: London
Name in Japanese: Rondon
Name:( first, last, middle, or all ) Molly Burks
Crush: England/ Arthur/ Iggirisu
Bio: When England was drunk, he went out to collect taxes, and when Molly's mother and father had no money, he took their 19 year old, soon-to-be-country daughter as payment. After England and her went to the bar, ( she had nothing to drink ) England fainted. When he woke up, he was back home, tucked in bed,with a fluffy pillow. He saw a girl in the kitchen and wondered who she was. It was London, Making scones for breakfast. And that's how England and London lived together. ( London slept on the couch XD )
Family: Marinda Burks ( AKA New York )
Friends: England America Sealand Italy Russia China Canada

10. 2P London - Hetalia
Name: Mary Burks ( Bloody Mary )
Crush: Oliver Kirkland/ 2P England
Bio: Mary lived on the streets as an assassin who killed for a living. Oliver found her on the streets alone and brought her home with him. She is now his loyal servant, never to leave his side....
Family: Marie Burks (2P NY )
Friends: Oliver, Alan ( 2P America ) , 2P Italy, 2P Russia, 2P Canada, 2P Sealand, 2P china
Age: 23

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