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Godzilla RAWR!!!!
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Remember my articolo on this girl who was treating me terribly? Well, there is now più on the story.

I told my mother about this girl and how she treated my. Everything that she did to me. My mother told me NOT to stand up for myself but instead ignore her. Why? Because she doesn't want to get in trouble with the girl's parents.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July (America's birthday!) and my mother invited to girls parents to my house for a party. This girls' parents like to bring her to every neighborhood party. This girl is going to be at my house.

I was so terrified. I cried. I texted my good friend...
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A nightmare, that had to be the only explanation as to what was going on, England thought as he rubbed his eyes wearily. One moment they had been having a perfectly normal meeting then all hell had broken loose. The imposters, those people who inexplicably looked like them had surrounded and just attacked. Without warning, it had caught him so off guard, had it not been for France pulling him away out of that room, he might have stood there in shock and gotten himself killed. Covered in Germany's blood, he had begun running down the hall towed da a petrified France. He remembered feeling the...
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