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JapanHetalia posted on Sep 01, 2011 at 04:09AM
Even though I haven't seen hetaoni 17 part two I know that Italy isn't dead.
Japan figured it out first
I was able to pick up on the details toward the end
Iggy is blind and he will be blind for the rest of the Rpg

Holy Rome Stole Germany's memories of the past.

Steve wants us dead
And prussia had his awesome face

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più di un anno fa Juusan said…
Question, how is Veneziano not dead? -Sorry, Questions, Could you please explain it to me? What do you mean Prussia had his awesome face? Of course Steve wants them dead. . .
più di un anno fa JapanHetalia said…
...... Juusan you are getting annoying.

Veneziano isn't dead because if you paid attention you would see through Japan's reaction. And I mean Prussia had his awesome face.
più di un anno fa Juusan said…
Hee hee. . . Sorry, I really am like that am I? Hmmm. . . now that I am considering Japan's reaction. . . It kind of seems that he is trying to make him to wake up right?
più di un anno fa JapanHetalia said…
Yes wake him up and Japan is normally calm and collected.