HetaOni RPG HetaOni RP?

Rainbow_Cookie posted on Mar 15, 2013 at 09:53AM
It's just basically a RP for Hetalia's unofficial computer game Hetaoni, made by Pianodream and others on a website called Deviantart. Here are the rules for the RP, please guide by them or else....IDK...no pasta for you:

1.) OCs and actual Hetalia characters are aloud. For, I can only RP as Berlin, my OC.

2.) If someone is already a certain character, please be someone else.

3.) Have fun!!!

That's basically my rules for any RP. So if you want to know a little about my character Berlin, she has a small crush on Germany.... Her favorite colour is green, she is really...quite attractive.

Just...have fun Rping!! ^^

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