With Jeline at their house. at the living room. Leggere a magazine..
This is Jeline: link.

Jeline: (reading a magazine article)
Harry Styles is In Love!!!!

Harry Styles of One Direction announces to the crowd that he is dating Olivia Connelly. Olivia is a daughter of a rich bussiness woman, Jeline Connelly. well, Olivia is really fit. Well, for the girls that are wishing to be Harry's girl, I want to tell te that...he's taken...

Jeline: (grabs her phone and calls her daughter)

With Via and Harry..
Harry: (driving her home)
Via: (grabs her phone) Hello, mum.
Jeline: Where are you?
Via: I'm with Harry. We're heading home. What's the problem?
Jeline: We have to talk. (hangs up)
Via: Mum want to talk to me.. err.. i think us..
Harry: Huh? Why?
Via: I think she knows.
Harry: (drives faster)

at their house...

Via: (gets inside their house) Mum?
Jeline: (sees her coming inside the house and stood up from sitting on the sofa) Where's Harry?
Via: At the garden..why?
Jeline; I want to talk to the both of you. (a little bit mad)
Via: Are te mad, mom?
Jeline: Just let him in.. (tries not to mostra her that she's mad)
Harry: (gets in) Good evening, Mrs-
Jeline: (interrupts him) What good in the evening? (mad)
Harry: (looks down)
Via: Mom, please..
Jeline: Now, te two.. explain to me what is this? (hands them the magazine angrily) Now tell me if that is just a rumor o not. Go on! Explain!
Via: (reads the magazine)
Harry: Errrmm we're just-
Jeline; Oh come on.
Via: Mom, i thought te like Harry for me.
Jeline: The problem is te didn't tell me te two are already together.
Via: Sorry, mom.
Jeline: (goes upstairs still mad)
Harry: i'm sorry. I should not have announce it in front of people.
Via: It's okay. (smiles)
Harry: (hugs her)
Via: (hugs back)
The successivo morning... Breakfast... at the dining room...
Via wearing this: link
Her hairstyle: link.

Via: (eating cereal)
Jeline: (sits beside her)
Via: (keeps quiet because she knows her mom is still mad at her)
Jeline: Sweetie, I'm sorry for what I acted last night.
Via: (looks at her mom) You're not mad anymore?
Jeline; (nods and hugs her daughter)
Via: (hugs back)
Jeline: I want te to be happy.
Via: Thanks, mom. (pulls away)
Jeline: da the way, your boyfriend is outside. (smiling)
Via: (hugs her mom again and went outside)
Jeline: (smiling while watching her daughter go outside)

Outside the house...
Harry: (waiting for her)
Via: Harry.. (runs to him)
Harry: (turns to her and hugs her tight)
Via: (hugs back)
Harry: (still hugging her and swings her)
Via: (smiling) Hey!!
Harry: (puts her down and smiling)
Via: (staring at him)
Harry: (runs his hand to her hair) te look beautiful.
Via: (chuckles) i Amore your smile... your dimples. Its perfect. (chuckles)
Harry: (kisses her lips)
Via: (kisses back)
Inside their house.... Via and Harry gets inside holding hands...
Jeline: Hello, lovers.
Via: Mom, can i come with Harry. We'll just hang out a bit.
Jeline: Okay.
Via: i'll just go upstairs.
Harry: Okay. I'll just wait outside..
Via: (goes upstairs)
Harry: (smiles at via's mom and went outside)
Jeline: (chuckles)
At Starbucks... the weather is cold...
Via wearing this: link
Hairstyle: link.

Harry: (sitting across her smiling at her)
Via: (smiling) Why are te smiling?
Harry: I'm just happy that... te know.. you're now my girl..
Via: (smiles)
???: Hey.
Via: (turns around) Hey! (smiles0 You're...Jane, right?
Jane: Yeah. So te two are officially dating?
Via: (glances at Harry)
Harry: (smiles)
Jane: Hi. can i take a picture of te two?
Harry: Sure.
Jane; thanks. (gets her camera and takes a picture of them) Thanks again. (walks away)

At a jewelry shop...
Via: (sees a beautiful ring link ) it's beautiful..
Harry: te want it?
Via; Err no... No.. Let's go.. (takes his hand and walks away)

On their way to the car..
Paparazzi 1: (takes a picture of them) Congratulations to the both of you..
Via: (gets inside the car) Thanks.
Harry: (smiles at the paparazzis and drives)

At Via's house...
Via: Thanks, Harry..
Harry: No problem.. and.. thanks...
Via: For what?
Harry: For loving me back..
Via: te can't dictate someone's heart.. I fell in Amore with te ..because.. te make me happy all the time..... I Amore you, Harry..
Harry: I Amore te più (kisses her)
Via: (kisses back)