With Via and Jeline heading towards the car her father sent...
Via: (carrying her luggage)
Jeline: 9puts their bags inside the car)
???: (to Via) I can help you.
Via: thanks. (looks at him) Alex?


Alex: Hey. I missed you.
Via: (looks down) What are te doing here?
Alex: I want to see you...
Via: Alex, i have a boyfriend.
Alex: If te have a boyfriend why did te left him at London?
Via: I left because.. it's the right thing to do..
Alex: Via, I still Amore you.
Via: te cheated on me!
Alex: Look, i'm sorry. You're the one I love.
Via: Oh, shut up. (goes to the car and puts her things inside) Bye, Alex. (gets inside)
Jeline: I thought you're the perfect man for my daughter. (gets inside the car and drives)

At their house at Los Angeles: link.

Jeline: (parks the car) This is it..
Via: (gets out of the car)
Jeline: (gets out of the car) Come on. (takes her hand and went inside the house0
Via: I didn't know we have a house here at L.A.
Jeline: Your father bought this house when te were 15.
Via: (sees her father sitting here: link. )

Her father is Cedric Connelly.

Via: Dad! (runs to her father and hugs him) Dad, i missed you. (tears streaming down her face)
Cedric: (hugs his daughter tight) i missed you, too, sweet. (wipes her daughter's tears)
Via: (goes to her mom)
Cedric: (hugs Jeline)

At dinner... link. dining tavolo at the right side...

Cedric: So is my princess in Amore or...
Via: (thinks about Harry) Well, there's this man that ha rubato, stola my heart.. (chuckles and looks at her mom)
Jeline: (sitting across Via and gives her the i-know-you're-thinking-about-Harry look)
Via: (looks down and smiles)
Cedric: Who? Alexander Everdeen? [A/N: yeah I know the family name 'Everdeen' is from The hunger Games]
Via: Dad, I don't Amore him anymore.
Cedric: Why? He's good- looking, and rich. He's the perfect man for you.
Via: Dad, he cheated on me with that Courtney Briel.
Cedric: He did?
Jeline: Well, we all know that he used to be your daughter's fiancee but when he went here at L A, he married a girl named-
Via: Courtney Briel...
Cedric: Okay. (to Via) And who's this man you're talking about, Via?
Via: Dad, te know Harry Styles?
Cedric: Well, yeah I know him. He's a member of One Direction.
Via: Well, ermmm (can't speak because she's too nervous)
Jeline: He's your daughter's boyfriend.
Cedric: Good, Lord. (to Via) Is he really? (happy)
Via: (blushes and looks down)
Cedric: My baby is now a lady.
Via: Dad.
Cedric: I have I gift for you.
Via: Dad, it's not even my birthday.
Cedric: I wasn't there when te turned eighteen so...
Via: (smiles)
Cedric: Come here. (glances at Jeline and left with Via)
Jeline: (follows them)

At the study room: link

Via: (looking around)
Cedric: (goes to his drawer and gets this: link its an envelop

Via: Is this for me?
Jeline: yes. Open it, sweetheart. (goes near Cedric)
Cedric: (smiles at Via)
Via: (opens the envelop and she sees a One Direction concerto ticket (front seat) and a backstage pass) W...wow! Dad! (runs to hug her parents)
Cedric: I want te to be happy, sweet.

With Via at her bedroom: link.

she's wearing this: link
hairstyle: link.

Via: (signs in to twitter and sees a private message from Harry)

Hey, I miss you. I Amore te so so so much. Wish te were here. Dx

Via: (signs out and turns the Televisione on)
Welcome to Sugarscape!
One Direction is having a concerto at L.A. successivo month. Directioners! Get ready!

Via: (smiles and turns the Televisione off)

She puts the lampshade on and lays on her bed...

Via's POV
successivo month, would be great.

end POV
haha...yeah I know this part is borrriinnng...