High School Musical SORRY HSM fan

friendsrox posted on Aug 11, 2008 at 06:58AM
heyyy!!! im tht person who offended sum people about the message on HSM: WHAT IS IT REALLY?
im sorry if u were offended. thts just my opinion though. i mean, u can believe in wht u want nd as i said to Sophii, believe in wht u believe in.
i'm sorry hsm fans!!! im just not a fan
just respect evry1's opinions nd i will respect urs!!!
best wishes and 4 those who r excited about HSM 3
rock on!!! and have fun watchin' it!!
even if i do h8 hsm, i cannot deny it is gonna be a worldwide smash hit.
the only reason i h8 hsm if cuz zac efron is in it and i used to be obsessed with zac efron... you should hve seen my room!!! every inch covered with zac.
then it became really uncool 2 like zac, so i kinda went aganist HSM!!!
But i suppose i'll always secretly lyk it!!!! i mean zac efron is mega hot!!! sorry if i offended every1!!!!

plz add me!!
friendsrox xoxo

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più di un anno fa laurenadams said…
i dont really like hsm either i think its overated