High School Musical High School Musical 3 Challenge

annecsage posted on Oct 01, 2008 at 09:08PM
I am trying to spread the word - the more people I tell, the better my odds are of winning 5 roundtrip tickets to the World Premiere of High School Musical 3 in Hollywood for me and my friends. And I will get to walk the red carpet with the cast and other guests... You can win to - that is if you think you can get more people to sign up than anyone else :) So I am not being completely selfish :)

Click on my link link to sign up and then start spreading the word yourself in order to beat me and other contestants.

P.S. Postmaster: please don't erase this as spam... I am really trying to win this contest and the way you win is by getting the most people to sign up. Let the High School Musical fans decide for themselves... pretty please ?? :)

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