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oncameratalent posted on Nov 08, 2007 at 12:09AM
I am considering pitching my new concept reality show to the Disney Channel called, "Who Wants To Be The Next Disney Channel Star!"

The show would tour America in search of the next person to become a star on the Disney Channel. Contestants would perform acting, singing, and dancing routines. They would then be narrowed down to finalists who would come to Burbank, California to compete in a reality show in which the winner would receive a contract to star in a Disney Channel Television Show or Feature Film.

The talent search phase could also include possible dates and locations in the UK and Ireland.

I would love any input from people regarding this production.

The details are on my casting blog.


Alan Baltes


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più di un anno fa AshleyKuskie16 said…
I am the mother of Ashley and I have some suggestions;
Dont be like American Idol, America's Got Talent or So You Think You Can Dance.
It takes a lot of gutts to get up there and try out for some of these shows. I realize that a lot of people go to these try outs to be idiots on live T.V. but then there are those with the all American dream of becoming famous, who just want to see if they have what it takes - kind of like a Cinderella story.
These people are going for a dream, a goal and
it takes gutts. They are positive thinkers because they are going for something they really want, they are giving it a chance, how amazing is that?
People like Simon on American Idol and all those others (I'm sorry I dont know the judges names on the other shows, I just know Simon because he is the meanist)
I dont want someone talking to my daughter like they talk to some of those people who try out for some of these shows and I dont think it would make your show popular because Disney is a kids channel and a lot of parents feel the same way I do, who would want their child humiliated like that on national T.V.? A lot of parents and kids will relate to the poor kid who just got humiliated by the judges and this will make your show very unpopular.
I am teaching my daughter to set a goal and go for it and she has chosen acting.
She is homeschooled so she has no experience in acting, but that doesn't stop her from wanting to do this no matter what embarracing things might occur.
I think that this show should be for the people
who dont have the opportunities Brad Pitt had or Angilina Jole had. It should be for those who might have talent but dont know it because they couldn't afford acting classes or a talent agent or singing lessons.

Thank You for your time!