A young boy stands in his bare hospital room. The floor is stone cold tiles in boring white, the air smelling like death and decay. A rickety letto is the only object in the room. The walls are yellowed, and covered in stains. Today is this young mans first full anno at the hospital. He was admitted a anno fa after his little sister died. It was his sisters sixth birthday that she had ran after the dog into the middle of the street. It was as if time had froze as the man came whipping around the corner and his little sister died right infront of him. But, let's continue on with our young man. This young man's name is John, John Egbert. As previously mentioned, it is his first entire anno at this hospital. It's been horrible, but the boy has made some friends. His Friends are always with him but the nurses tell him he's alone. That his Friends are just in his mind. But young John knows they are real. Infact, his three Friends stand in the room with him. There was the blonde girl who went da Rose, the boy with shades who called himself Dave, and finally there was a short ravenette with eyes as green as his little sisters. And her name was Jade. They were quiet at the moment, not speaking at all. Usually the three were loud, laughing and arguing but today they did not. Today was the anniversary of the youngest Egberts death. John had long forgotten his sisters name but of course the sweet nurse, who loved him dearly, would speak of her.

The sound of a lock turning filled the room. A woman with a warm smile and a blonde bob stepped in. "I've got your medication, Johnny!" She detto brightly, as our antagonist looked up at the door. The lady crossed the room, sitting him down. She handed him a glass of water and a few pills. John took the medicine in his pale hands. He swallowed it without any problems. "Now... John, your father told me talk to te about Jade." She said, sitting successivo to him. Johns eyes widened. His sisters name was Jade and his Friends name was Jade. He shook it off. "What about it?" He asked, a aspro, acida look on his face.

"John please don't be sad. She's in a better place and one giorno you'll be with her again." She said, taking his hand.

John quickly removed his hand from her grip. "She's not gone! She's.... she's right here." He mumbled.

"I... John please understand. You'll never get better if te don't face your fears."

"Maybe I don't want to be better! Maybe I like my fears!" John said, his voice growing louder.

The woman was quiet for a moment before patting his head. "I understand... I'll leave te alone." She detto quietly, leaving the room. The door locked with a loud snap.

The hours passed, Johns Friends still quiet. "John?" Came a voice. it was the voice of the crazy old bat that was in the successivo room. "John, would te like to go for a walk?" He asked through the door.

John wasn't usually let out of his room... he mine as well take the chance to. "Yeah." He detto and the door unlocked. The old man stood with a male nurse. "C'mon Egbert." The man grinned, and ran off as cheery as a young boy. The nurse let out a sigh, running after him. John trailed after them, the two eventually leading him into the small garden infront of the hospital. The boy looked up at the hospital as he walked onto the soft grass. It loomed above him like a menacing beast, prepared to ingoiare, inghiottire him whole. John sighed and looked over at the elder. He laughed a little, watching the man sit down and beginning to speak quickly. He usually did this, nothing made sense to him, but he usually did it. The nurse and John listened to the man ramble on and on about swords, puppets, and fighting with his elder brother. "My brother use to doccia puppets on me all the time and hide them in random places!" He said, waving his arms around for no apparent reason. The chat went on and on until finally the nurse took their hands.

"Shows over, folks." He said, leading the two back to their rooms.

minuti later, John lay staring at the ceiling. His Friends sat successivo to him, simply staring at him. "John... Haven't te noticed?" Rose asked.

"Noticed what?" John asked curiously.

"That we're just your imagination." Dave finished for her.

"Not te too! te aren't, you're right here with me!" John cried.

Jade was very quiet, pacing over to the other side of the room. "John, we aren't here. We're just mirrors of people te truly love. te don't Amore us John. Please... give up on us." Jade said, turning to him.

John shook his head, looking over at Jade. "You're wrong! You've always been here! Always!" He yelled. He returned his gaze to Rose and Dave only to find that they had been replaced. The young nurse sat in rose spot and the crazy old bat sat in Daves spot.

"These are people te truly love." The nurse said, smiling.

"Please John, go be with these people." The elder man detto to him.

Silence filled the room. John didn't even dare to look at Jade. "I can't... I Amore te guys too much." He mumbled.

Jade crossed the room, taking Johns hand in hers. No longer was it her pale, cold hand but instead a small, warm one. John looked over at Jade but instead found a short, ravenette, with bright green eyes, and big round glasses. "Can te go on with life? For me?" She asked.

A silence filled the room when suddenly John burst into tears. "I can go on! I will go on! For you! For you!!"

"Thank te John." She smiled and with that, the three kids were gone. Gone forever.

A few months later...

John grinned, his face tan and his eyes glowing. "Here te go Mr. Strider!" He said, handing the elderly man a glass.

"Thank you, Egbert." Mr. Strider smiled, taking the glass.

The blonde nurse popped up behind the two. "Hello te two." She greeted.

"Hello Mrs. Lalonde." John replied. The three were infront of the old hospital, the sun shining and people gathered. Today, they were holding a party. A party to make others happy.

"John, could te go take care of the new patient for me?" The blonde nurse asked. John nodded in reply and looked over at the large willow albero that stood a little sad and far off. In the shade of the albero sat a little girl, her head in her hands.

"What do te want?" The girl mumbled as John approached.

"I'd like to talk. Maybe be friends!" The boy grinned, sitting successivo to her.

"How about no."

"Well... that's a rather quick response." John watched as a frog leapt past and quickly sprung forward, snatching it up in his hands. He turned to the girl. "Do te like frogs?" He asked.

The girl was still before nodding. John held the frog out to her and she took it eagerly. She pet it's small head as she smiled. "What's your name?" John asked.

"Jade, Jade Harley."