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posted by WakkoWarnerLuv
(To the tune of Gummy Bear)

Honey, Honey, Honey, Honey, Honey cat
Honey, Honey, Honey, Honey, Honey cat (Mat!)

One giorno I saw a Cibo dish
Inside was my biggest wish
Something to eat and make myself fat (Mat!)
Now I roll down the halls
Sharpening kitty claws
On the floor as I roll everything flat (Mat!)

Oh I'm a Honey Cat,
Yes, I'm a Honey Cat,
Oh, I'm a yummy, chummy, funny lucky fatty cat
I'm a largish cat
'Cause I'm a Honey Cat,
Oh, I'm a moving, purring, Honey-singing funny cat
Oh yeah

Ba ba, a doobie doobie mat mat,
Ba ba, a doobie doobie mat mat,
Ba ba, a doobie doobie mat mat,
Three times as fat...
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posted by WakkoWarnerLuv
A new bunny has come to live in the Honey Household and her name is Ollie. Ollie loves Gatti più than anything and always wants to play with Libby and Honey, who freak out any time the big eared hopping cat comes near them.

Ollie also enjoys being petted and generally being the sweetest, friendliest bunny ever. She likes to bite knees. She is also not afraid of spiders and even ate one after my brother proudly told us how he loved how vegetarian his bunny was.

Ollie will return home to my brother after he comes back in a year.

posted by WakkoWarnerLuv
RUUUF = That car is evil.
RAW RAW RAW = That dog is evil
RUF = Get out of my food, Honey!
Pant pant pant = Feed me/Hi, I'm annoying.

Ppprrow? = Hi.
Meeeoww = I'm hungry/wake up/let me in
MRRROOOWWWLLL = te are annoying (Usually aimed at me)
Hiiiisss! = I am going to bite you.
Mrooo = Let me down.
MrreeYYYOOOWWW! = te dumb black and white cat.

Mat = hi/bye/I'm hungry/basically everything
Moo = Ouch/I'm sad
PPPRRRRRR = I am purring very loudly.
Hisss! = Get away from me, Libby!

WHHEEEK WHEEEK! = I smell food/hiya!/can I have food?
Choo. = I sneezed.
Hup. = I hiccuped.
Drrrr. = I'm sad.


.... = Hi
.... = Bye
.... = I'm climbing my wall
.... = Can I get fed?
*Pinch* = Let me down.
posted by WakkoWarnerLuv
Cassie: Liked Honey as a friend. Liked Libby as a thing to chase. Was jealous of Archie for a while but hardly noticed his existence. Hated Piggy only when not in his cage.

Honey: Likes Cassie best. Is scared of Libby but still likes to attack her. Has only seen Archie once and doesn't seem to remember him. Likes looking at Piggy.

Libby: Is scared of Cassie. Thinks Honey is really stupid. Thinks Archie is a playtoy (Luckily she can't get to him) and loves looking at Piggy.

Archie: Is unaware that anyone in the whole world exists besides other hermit crabs.

Piggy: Liked Cassie, Liked Libby, Liked Honey, Had no idea Archie exists.
Liberty and Honeysuckle met when Honey flew out to the porch Libby was on. Libby was three years older, and quite a bit larger. The two Gatti stared at each other. Honey's instinct was that every cat wanted to kill her, however, Libby had lived with people since she was a week old and had only a play instinct. The Gatti instantly got into a spat, Honey terrified that Libby would hurt her and Libby just trying to make friends.

Libby's form of play is attack. She would do this to Honey often and Fatso would make a run for it to hide under the bed.

Honey Bunny befriended Cassie, who Libby wasn't too social with. The two Gatti hardly knew each other, but Libby decided to let Honey live, just so long as she was still the Queen of the house.

After Cassie left, the two Gatti have gotten closer, but più like a "If te get too close I will gently whap your head" relationship. It is seriously doubted that the two will ever cuddle.
posted by WakkoWarnerLuv
One giorno Cassienova, a mutt, went out for a walk. A small, thin, arancia, arancio kitten watched her from a tree. The cat liked Cani very much.
When Cassie turned to look at her, the kitten ran over in an odd, waddling sort of walk and began rubbing against her. Cassie was più curious than annoyed, and the kitten began following her everywhere.
Cassie's owner, (me) was very bad at telling whether animali were boys o girls and named the cat a boy name. The kitten didn't care much, though.
But once the kitten was allowed to sposta in, it was discovered she was a girl, thus she was named after a husky stuffed...
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posted by WakkoWarnerLuv
When Honey and Libby eat, Honey is always served low-fat food
and Libby is always served high-fat because, let's face it, Honey's fat and Libby's thin.

But Libby does not LIKE high-fat food, because she likes meat better than wheat.
So she makes Honey get out of the way and eats all of her food. Honey doesn't even meow her pitiful "Mat" sound o even a "Moo". She just waits.
Once Libby leaves, Honey eats all of her High-fat food, purring all the while.

It's pretty impossible to put Flabby Tabby on a diet, but oh well...