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la scelta dei fan: 1) Miyo Takano
la scelta dei fan: Never Seen / Read it
la scelta dei fan: Shiki
la scelta dei fan: Another
la scelta dei fan: Jigoku Shoujo
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Legend_Jared detto …
Hello! Hows everyone been its been quite a while since I got on. postato più di un anno fa
pumpkinqueen detto …
Haven't been on this club in so long, look how much it has grown! Thank te Katherine for all the sondaggi te have posted! :) postato più di un anno fa
Katherine1517 commentato…
Not a problem ^^ // Thank te for creating the club, in the first place :) più di un anno fa
kittyluv57 detto …
The first episode of the new horror Anime Tokyo ghoul just cane out yesterday :)
And it's already amazing! postato più di un anno fa
Katherine1517 commentato…
I can't watch it because I don't have a premium pass on crunchyroll at the moment so I will have to wait a week. I think I will read the manga of this series, as well... più di un anno fa