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Film about?

Does anyone know Film in which people's throats get slit?

I know two Film in which that happens:
Sweeney Todd and Repo the genetic opera

I thank te very much if te know some :)

The information I need is for a project.
 deathroman13 posted più di un anno fa
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simovska said:
Look here, maybe that help.
On the right side te can choose from A-Z HORROR & SCI-FI Film DATABASE CATEGORIES


I think i help a little ;)
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posted più di un anno fa 
Thank te for the link :)
deathroman13 posted più di un anno fa
You're welcome. I wish te a happy watching ;D
simovska posted più di un anno fa
axemnas said:
do te mean like that's all that happens when some one is killed o it occurs a time o two cause i can think of many.

Scream (series)
Friday the 13th (series) especially in the first one
My Bloody Valentine(original and remake)
Hell Night
The Fog(1980)
Fun House

its one of the più common deaths because its quick and simple and it doesn't have to be super gory o anything
in the Scream series that's one of the più common killing methods for the killer
in Halloween H20 that was the very first on screen death
My and my mom's preferito nurse in Halloween 2(1980) died da a slit throat
The Fog(1980) i think it happens
Pamela Voorhees seemed to favor slitting peoples throats She killed majority of them that way. With Kevin Bacon's character she did a variation that te could consider a slit throat

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posted più di un anno fa 
Thank te very much :)
deathroman13 posted più di un anno fa
no problem enjoy
axemnas posted più di un anno fa
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