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1122ridr posted on Apr 16, 2010 at 05:24AM
Rumor has it that Saw 7 will be the last Saw movie. Personally, I don't care for the films, but as fans, what do you think?

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più di un anno fa axemnas said…
Who knows what will happen but i kind of have doubts about them stopping their because a. if the fans response is so big for it they will most likely make another and b.When they say its their last its rarely their last like for instance Twisted sister said that a twisted sister Christmas would be their last album but news is they are actually coming out with another album
c.Their is always a possibility that another writer gets an idea and continues the films from their
but really it doesn't make a big difference to me
più di un anno fa 1122ridr said…
@axemnas: That video was FUNNY!!!! And you're rite, somebody will probably make more (lets hope to god they don't!). But I mean, come on! How many movies can you make?! People will start to get tired of Saw (hopefully...).
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più di un anno fa befferz said…
I think it's one of the greatest films ever. its really gory and the things they have to do make you cringe. its got that puppet 'billy' he creeps me out cause I'm scared of clowns, puppets and stuff. but its also like a puzzle. i think its a really clever movie. And the way jigsaw kills his victims. Its a twisted game. and i love it.
più di un anno fa twilighter4evr said…
i don't want saw 3d to be it as Freddie Mercury says "The Show Must Go On" & final doesn't always mean final in the horror movie industry..Friday the 13th said final chapter in the 4th movie & it went on for 7 more films so i think anything is possible.
più di un anno fa HighwayCreature said…
This will definitely not be the last Saw movie. It may be only a few years before the next film even. If Hollywood is making a shite load of money on a franchise, then that franchise will continue to exist and put out more crap movies. The first Saw rocked, second was decent, third wasn't bad, and then after that originality was only found in the traps, and not in the quality of the script. That's the downside of the whole Saw franchise.