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posted by housecuddy4ever
This is a new chapter

Cuddy sighed.She began to rub her temples.House didn't want to see her like this.Miserable.Hurt.House limped to her and wrapped his arms around her.Cuddy put her head on his chest."Should I go?"Cuddy asked."It's your choice.Your mother."House detto with no emotion in his voice."Oh Greg..."Cuddy sighed."You never called me Greg.Even during sex.The last time te called me Greg was..."House began.He started to think about how he'd been with Stacy.He remembered the face Cuddy made when she saw him in pain.Hurt and guilt.House snapped back into reality.He put his head on...
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(Not a really good titolo for a fanfic.But it will do)
I don't know what made me starting Scrivere a Wameron fanfic.
I was going to write another Amore triangle(bad and horrible idea!)
I also was going to do a Huddy fanfic(not so good at Scrivere anything with House and Cuddy in it.)
I really don't think this is good idea.

Give me your opinions on it.Be honest.

Cameron crossed her arms as she waited for Wilson."Damn it."she sighed.She saw Wilson's car pull into her driveway.Cameron walked over to his car,and got in.Wilson looked at Cameron."Can we go?"Cameron detto in a pissed off tone.Wilson put...
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posted by HouseAddict87
Chapter 4: The Awakening
Two più days went da and Cuddy and House took turns looking after Thirteen. They told the rest of the doctors that they were simply looking after their employee not wanting everyone to know that were her parents yet. House sat successivo to Thirteen while she was still unconscious.
“Hang in there little girl you’re going to come out of this like a champ! I’m here and so is your mom we have been looking after te ever since your accident. te really gave us a scare te know. Don’t worry if I find the truck driver he will be hospitalized as well.”
The monitors started...
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posted by XhuddyobsessedX
ciao just to tell te everything that's going on...
Kutner has a crush on Cuddy
Gabby is Cuddy's sister
Rob is Gabby's Husband
Skyler is Cuddy's niece...
This should be on FF soon =] so im only gonna post the first 2 chappies here then they'll be on FF...and btw should I continue?

Just stop ok!?
I’m sorry it’s just that I hate when you’re mad!
I’m not mad!
You’re yelling aren’t you!?
Yes but that’s not the point.
Well, you’re mad!!
*a tear rolled down her cheek and blurred her vision*
It blurred her vision...
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"Is she okay?"
"She's asleep. She's been looking for both of you."
"Tell her I detto goodnight."
"How are you? How is Lisa?"
"I'm wearing a slang for my arm. Still on the cane. Still on the pills."
"And Lisa?"
"I Lost a lot of blood so I had to get a transfusion. te know,"
He paused and breathed heavily.
"I don't know yet."
"And the baby?"
"Your grandson should be fine. Laith missed his head da an inch."
"I'm so happy for te guys."
"Of course."
"Gregory Mason House. Do I hear a sense of remorse?"
"More like guilt."
"You saved her and the baby."
"And nearly killed them all the same."
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posted by TVMind
Her cuore just about jumped out of her chest at seeing her. She was about five eight, lean and slender. Her hair was long and dark, and quite curly in a way that made te think she had just come from a salon. Her eyes were a deep and stunning misty blue, almost like looking into a sparkling sapphire. Her skin was pale, and te could tell that she didn’t stay in the sun much. And even though it was colder in the room, her cheeks and lips had a light rosa tinge.

Cuddy quickly recovered herself and looked back at the chart, sitting down on the stool.

“So, um…Genny, it says on your chart that...
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added by oldmovie
Trailer for story" The story can be accessed here: link
house md
posted by MonkeysRule
Drip, drop, drip, drop. te could hear the precipitation as it slowly began to rain. Drip after drop the rain fell harder and faster as it hit every roof and window. A rather young girl, in a brown over cappotto covering her head, stood outside a rather large building.
She hesitantly took a step towards the building, debating whether o not to get any closer, watching as people moved from here to there and from there to here. She swallowed hard and went with her gut. Then slowly, yet surely, she pushed through the see through doors and entered the building.
She started looking around for someone...
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I do not own anything.. one of the Citazioni is from Revelations a blue blood book and the other is from Pablo Neruda....and te guys tell me if te think it is worth continueing. This might be the last but I am not sure. If te want me to continue it tell me...../


Chapter 3 The Middle Of The Night

The rest of the week went as normal as things could with House around. House was a annoying and pesty as usual. He didnt try to cuz any più trouble around the hospital well no più that usual.
As I walked out the front of Princeton-Plainsboro I was very ready for the weeken....
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Somehow I am very inspired today XD. Actually I have a bunch of stuff to do that has nothing to do with House, Huddy o Cuddy. (Physics and history *coughs*) Nevertheless I wrote this oneshot and I hope te like it. It is set after Joy.


The room was filled with silence.
Except of the brawl of the water that was coming out of the doccia head and the silent, halting sobbing successivo to it. And there on the floor was a squatted figure who had wrapped its arms around its knees and was rocking back and forth in a slow rhythm.

The figure lifted its head...
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posted by Irene3691
House and Cuddy get to the hotel. ‘Here we are.’
‘Wow! Have te ever been here?’
‘Well, a few days...’
She didn’t need to ask more, she knew it was with Stacy. ‘Well, okay... we go in?’
They go in and approach to the receptionist, who is typing on the computer. ‘Good evening, we’d like to book a double room.’
‘Sure. Could te tell me your name, please? And how many days do te want to book the room?’
‘Gregory House. Days...’ He looks at Lisa. ‘How many days do we have?’
‘Hmmm I-I don’t know, we could stay here about four nights.’
House nods and turns...
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Yesterday the idea came into my mind while I was studying physics. I screwed up the exam Oo, I wrote down the idea. After watching "let them eat cake" I had to write it.
I hope te like it...cuddles-like as always it will be sad xD :(...
I still don't have a beta reader so there might be a couple of mistakes in it.

Please don't kill me, no matter why, just don't...I've warned you.

Authors note: I never have thought about a titolo that almost 1 am...and it drives me nuts.
There will be a different version of this oneshot...inspired da Olivine and therefore dedicated to her, it will...
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posted by Soccerpersonz10
Disclaimer- Like all my other stuff, guess what...I DON'T OWN HOUSE!

House limped out of his office, still trying to get the feel of his cane back. Forgot how hard it is to walk on one of these. He was moving towards Wilson's office and barged in.

"Hey Jimmy."

"Hey House." Wilson detto without looking up. "Come back later. I'm doing paperwork...and I thought I locked that door."

"You're getting paranoid." House said, thumping his cane on the ground. "I need a prescription."

"For Vicodin."

"Yeah, seeing as my leg DID actually start hurting again. Even though te didn't believe me and I was in agony...
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posted by Immunity
Lool, at the beginning, this story is rather cute, but at the end it gets a little dirty and Wilson is slightly ooc xD Haha, be warned.

„It´s lunchtime, kiddies!“, she called and not a minuto later, 4 children ran into the dining-room, filling it with laughter.
„Where´s daddy?“, Orlando, her eldest son, who was eight now, asked and looked around.
„He´ s still at work.“, Remy replied and started to give plates to all of them.
„Yesterday he promised to be here for lunch!!“, Alexis, the secondo oldest, complained.
„Yeah, that´s so true!“
Remy softly looked at her three sons. All...
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posted by Irene3691
In the morning, Lisa can barely sleep and wakes up early. She gets dressed and stays there lying on letto the whole morning until House knocks at her door. ‘Hi...’ Says she opening it.
‘You think it would be very dangerous if we went to have breakfast together? Is my life at risk?’
‘I don’t think so... I’m not very hungry, but I guess we won’t find William at the cafeteria at this time.’
They go together and take a seat. Unfortunately, Will is there with his friends, and when he sees both coming in, he thinks: “Great, finally te fucked him...” He finishes his breakfast,...
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House walked with Wilson over to Cuddy's room. She was finally being discharged. He stopped at her door, preparing himself, bracing himself for the worst.
"Good luck." Wilson patted him on the back.
"Encouragement doesn't work on me," and he slid the door open, then shut leaving Wilson in the hallway.
Wilson just stood by, watching from the window as they talked. House talked first. Cuddy had a shocked yet slightly saddened face. She turned around and faced away from him. And it changed to anger. She looked like she was yelling now. Not screaming, but at an upset tone.
House remained motionless...
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Just an example of vids that are fanfics
house md
Chapter 12 – Good baciare Good Dream -

Cuddy got home and kept that strange moment in her mind. He was so close to her. Was he thinking about giving her a chance? Was he giving her a sign? She was confused and tired. Once inside, Cuddy left her ventiquattrore, sincronia file and borsa on the floor, took her cappotto and fell on the sofa. She fell asleep instantly.

Suddenly, she heard her mobile ringing. Not now, she thought. Yawning she picked it up.


“Were te sleeping?”

“House?” She asked, più awaked.

“Who else...” He said.

“What do te want? I’m tired I need to sleep.”

“Don’t hang up!”...
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posted by lizzie22xo
Ok, so, this basically is set after Kutners death, and basically Cuddy and House hooking up afterwards, but, the hook up won't come until later in the story. Anyways, hope te like it! Enjoy!

He hated reality, più than anything else. The realization that his pain would never subside. The realization that his loneliness would never be fully cured. And the fact that the woman he was so madly in Amore with, could never be his. These were the realizations he woke up to every morning. But, this morning was different, not only because it was the morning after Kutners death,...
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