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posted by thirteen_times
“Is this…” Spencer paused. Her voice was a throaty whisper. “Is this all we’ll ever have?” Remy’s eyes met hers. “Do te want more?” Remy asked.
Suddenly Spencer’s face became like a child’s full of tenderness and vulnerability. In that moment that followed Remy felt a bond to her like nothing else. For a long while they sat without speaking. They stared silently at their intertwined hands.
“I Amore you” Spencer detto softly. Remy grew very still. Spencer couldn’t see her face.
“Remy?” She lifted her chin. “Look at me”
Her eyes told her all she needed to know. As they sat there in the faded light of dusk, they both believed in happiness.
posted by houseluva8
Today he thought ‘Today is the giorno I’m going to tell Lisa Cuddy how I feel.’ He had been smiling all morning. He was smiling while he was getting ready for work. He went out of his way to make sure he trimmed his stubble and put on her preferito sky blue button down shirt. In a rush to get to the hospital he grabbed his cane, keys, backpack, and helmet. Walking out to his bike he was humming Drive da Dawn Landes.

As he was driving down the strada, via his thoughts strayed to Cuddy. They strayed to how he was going to tell her and what her reaction would be. ‘What if she didn’t feel the...
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It was early morning in Princeton. Around seven o'clock. The sun was slowly rising over the horizon, and everything was quiet.
On Sinplore Dr., there was a particular house standing out from all the rest.
It was a yellow house, with white shudders and a blue front door. It had the perfect lawn. The driveway was filled with three different cars, all in front of the box auto, garage that matched the house.
Inside, there was an aged man sitting back on the couch. He had matted, brown and gray hair, a beard that had apparently been un-shaved for weeks and a pair of piercing blue eyes. He was dressed in a white...
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posted by rosehustle1
"House, it's been six months since Kutner... passed away. It's time to hire a new fellow." Cuddy detto softly as she placed a hand on his shoulder.
"Why? Thirteen, Taub, and Foreman are enough."
"But they're all very similar in their diagnostic perspectives. te need someone who is an idealist. te need someone willing to go along with some of your crazy ideas when their most likely right."
House sat down on his Eames chair. Cuddy sat on the ottoman.
"How many times am I gonna go through this?"
"Look, te don't have to pick anyone right away, but I want te to start interviewing candidates."...
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A/N: Okay so far I have 2 chapters and a little of the 3rd chapter for this story written, I've been Scrivere it for a mese o two now so i have a clear vision, I just hope I dont get writer's block again
The rain poured over the PPTH as the doctors and patients rushed in. Not even five minuti ago, it was a warm clear evening when the rain snuck up and attacked. The lobby quickly filled as everyone tried to get inside and get dry.
“Are te kidding me,” Dr. Lisa Cuddy said, “This is the sixth time this week it started pouring without warning,”...
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posted by housefrk
It occurred to me while I was Scrivere this how ironic it is that this is chapter 13.

Also, don't hate me. You'll understand once te read this.

Chapter 13

Yesterday hadn’t been a very productive giorno for Thirteen. House had even commentato on how her attention span had been about that of a goldfish. She hadn’t been able to help it. She’d been too nervous about the results of her daughter’s test. She’d spent the entire giorno screwing up things she would have normally had trouble with. She’d tried to insert a folded up five dollar bill into the coin slot on the vending machine in the cafeteria,...
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posted by TheHiddenCane
posted the first chapter sometime ago... gave up because I didn't really like the story anymore (it was my first ever, fair to say I've evolved since then) but I read the whole thing again and I actually like it!

Hope te do too!

The mirror.

The ride home passed in silence, and after Wilson pulled up to House’ apartment and they exchanged goodnights, they parted ways.

House didn’t feel like sleeping. He made his way to his apartment and crossed the distance to the bathroom, tossing his cane aside somewhere halfway.

That stupid dream again… he hated that defenceless feeling, that total lack...
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posted by housefrk
Okay, this is my newest fic. For anyone who's Leggere Iris, it will be finished, I promise, but I really need some input on this one. If te think it's OOC o anything, please tell me. I beg of you

Chapter 1

By time Thirteen entered her apartment she was exhausted. The only thing on her mind was making her problems go away, even temporarily. She entered the cucinino, angolo cottura and reached for the bottle she kept on superiore, in alto of the refrigerator. Once her fingers had closed around the neck of the bottle she leaned back against the refrigerator and slid to the ground. She lowered her lips to the bottle.
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posted by HouseAddict87
Chapter 6: Making Amends
“Cuddy, can we talk?”
“Yes, what is it House?”
“I was wondering if te would want to go out with me tonight? On a date.”
“I uhh well it has been a busy giorno plus Thirteen but yeah that would be nice. Where should we go?”
“How about the new Mexican restaurant on 15th street? I’ve heard it is very good and they have live Musica there as well, te know te want to see me salsa!”
“You salsa? That’s interesting! Mexican Cibo sounds good it’s a date.”
“Cool I’ll pick te up around seven then.”
“Okay I’ll be ready.”
Seven o’clock rolled around...
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added by oldmovie
Hello a facfic Trailer of HOUSE MD this story alike a movie... I HOPE te LIKE!!!!
house md
So I've been working on this for a while and I have finally managed to finish it. It was at first a response to midnyte007's fanfiction competition about one named after a song, but I'm not sure if that's still going on. Its quiet long and for that I apologize. The stories start off as sad and sort of get happier as the verses go on. Well I hope te all like it.

When te wish upon a star
Makes no difference who te are
Anything your cuore desires
Will come to you

Cuddy sat on the edge of her bed, her eyes closed tight as salty tears pushed their way past the barriers of her eyelids to roll slowly...
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posted by midnyte007
“Are te ok?” a concerned Cameron asked Wilson, who was sitting all da himself in the dark.
“Yeah, I’m fine. My girlfriend is dead and because I guilted my best friend into risking his life to try and save her, he’s now in ICU fighting for his life. I couldn’t be better,” Wilson detto bitterly.
“I’m sorry, I---” Cameron started before she was interrupted da Wilson.
“No, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to lash out at you. It’s just…. I just Lost Amber. I can’t lose House too,” detto Wilson exasperated.
“Then tell him that. Like te said, House is in ICU fighting for...
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A reply to this: link

5 songs I got while I listened to my itunes on shuffle. And 5 stories as a result of these 5 songs.
Somehow my iPod seems to have a weird affection for either german o instrumental songs.
I hope the stories are good and that te like them.

Roboter – Revolverheld Cuddy

Another giorno was over. And nothing had changed. It didn't seem as if things would change soon o at anytime.
Sometimes Cuddy wondered if her life had become what she had ever feared it to become: boring and predictable. Maybe she had become boring and predictable too.

Everyday was the same: She got...
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posted by MonkeysRule
House limped into his office and saw his team waiting for him as they always did. They were all holding folders so he guessed that Cuddy must’ve come in before hand and dato them the new case.
“Symptoms: Fever, nausea and vomiting, and pain in the lower abdomen.” House began Scrivere them on the board.
“It could be colon cancer, which would explain the nausea and vomiting and the pain in the lower abdomen.” Thirteen suggested.
“But that wouldn’t explain the fever,” Kutner stated, “It’s più likely to be Septicaemia. It would explain the muscle pain, vomiting and the fever.”...
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posted by CathCuddy
Chapter 1 - Late -

It was a spring giorno at the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. The pollen was waving with the gentle passing breeze, and the normal daily rush started at 9.00 am for doctor Cuddy. She was in the lobby filling a few papers that the chief-nurse had asked for, when Wilson arrived and gave her a wide-open smile and a very enthusiastic ‘Good Morning’.

Cuddy went into her office and brought her mind to the huge pile of papers that her secretary had waiting in her hands.

Cameron, Chase and Foreman were at the Diagnostics office waiting for their boss. House was always late,...
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This is an AU fic based on Cuddy actually getting Joy at the end of "Joy". This story sort of combines "The Itch" and the rest of "Joy" into one fic, exploring what each of the three would go through upon the arrival of Joy in theirs lives. For now its a one-shot but it has the potential to become a chapter fic.

Cuddy held the child carefully to her chest, holding her head gently, rocking slowly back and forth, a warm smile played on Cuddy’s lips as she looked down to her daughter Joy. She watched the newborn’s fragile frame rise and fall as each breath left the little one’s lips and Cuddy...
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posted by oldmovie
“You can’t honestly wear a wonder bra to work, hold a sexual harassment seminar and then not expect me to make some jab at te in front of the staff,” House detto sitting comfortably down in the chair across from Cuddy’s scrivania, reception as she made her way around. “I wouldn’t be me without my wicked sense of humor.”

Or your over-inflated ego

“Or your over-inflated ego,” Cuddy muttered, flattening the back of her gonna with her hands as she sat down. It was strangely refreshing that Cuddy didn’t hold back on the insults her mind tossed around about him. House looked at Cuddy she didn’t...
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Sorry its been a while...

House quickly limped up to Wilson, who just walked along in silence,
“So...” House began.
“No deep, over thought, completely wrong analysis?”
“No, im dying to tell te exactly what I think about te dating Cuddy,”
“I was being sarcastic.”
“No te weren’t,”
“Do te want me to tell te what i think?”
“ No!” House replied, shocked.
“Then don’t act is if te do, o just ask, im willing to give advise,”
“You’re not telling me, because of some sadistic thing where te want me to ask so te know...
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Made da diapri
house md
posted by Irene3691
They go on board and when not even an ora of flight has passed, they are bored.
House moves in his seat. ‘What if... umm... we play some kind of challenge game?? Each of us asks a domanda to the other one, if we don't answer we have to pass a challenge proposed da the other person. Right??’
‘Hmmm ok-ay...You go first.’    
‘Sure.’ He thinks. ‘Hmm... Isn't it true that te felt happy when te knew we were gonna travel together??’
Cuddy sighs ‘Yes...’ and he smiles. ‘Okay, here I go. It’s true that te bought the tickets thinking that I was gonna invite...
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