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posted by ToEkNeE
"What do te mean he broke out and left?"
I was already crying, apparently without my own consent. This was the last thing I needed for the night-for my slight nightmare to come true.
"The hospital called me fifteen minuti ago. I rounded up Thirteen and Foreman. I couldn't get a hold of Taub however. I didn't think I'd need to call te because I figured they called you."
"I was asleep."
"Go figure."
"Hold on."
She went into her room and grabbed a giacca and then her robber shoes.
"Let's go."
"You don't want to change?"
"You really think we have time for any questions?"
"I'll drive."
"That's what I thought."...
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Everyone's recently wonderful posts for the drabble game inspired me to write some più and so I blame all of te for what te are about to read. I also blame my Musica selection, some of the stories are rather "interesting" due to shuffle on my iPod........

Everybody Dance Now(remix)
Jock Jams- LONG SONG(didn't realize until I wrote it)

Wilson poked his head outside of his office, narrowing his eyes making sure no soul was in sight o a cane either. After deeming it safe, he retreated into his office and made his way quickly over the side of the scrivania, reception where an iPod speaker lay ready and waiting...
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He'd always known it... always.

He wasn't meant to die of natural causes: after all, what kind of diagnostic genius wanted to die of something as plain as a cuore attack o organ failure? Why, after years of solving medical mysteries with him, would his employees have to stand in front of his mother and explain that he basically died because 'it quit'?

Liver, heart, kidneys... whatever. Maybe the good old leg decided to rebel again and leave him with a stump... he could even see the giorno that he'd wake up with neon yellow eyes and feel the need to hide this stylish new feature under sunglasses...
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Chapter 10 – Coming back home, alone -

Cuddy opened her door and went straight to her room, she had completely forgotten about Wilson and Erin. She stopped at her bedroom door while her brain processed the last piece of information that she had seen. She gave a few steps back and looked at her couch, and there they were; two people, Erin and James. Wilson’s arms were around Erin’s body, they hugged and looked so peaceful; she wished she was in their place, she wanted to feel a hug, the warmth of his skin against hers. But tonight she was going to be all alone, once again, and this time...
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Ah, I can't believe it. I've been Scrivere on this for like three months as I had the mother of all writer's blocks.
I was inspired da the poem at the end of the story.
So here is my work.
It's a bit strange and could be rather sappy.
You've been warned.

Spoilers for 5x24

I will dedicate this to two people: Oldmovie and Olivine.
I thank both for their patience they have with me and I hope te guys know that I appreciate it so much that te listen to me all the time :)
Love te guys <3.
(Lesson 1: How to make a fool of yourself is now completed XD Oo)

So I hope te will like it.
(All the rest of you,...
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Felt like Scrivere these. The secondo one might be a bit cheesy but after the final I was in that mood.
So I hope te enjoy :D

“The future is not a result of choices among alternative paths offered da the present, but a place that is created--created first in the mind and will, created successivo in activity. The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating.”

1.'s not far from here to what has not been yet.

Drizzle is falling from the sky. The soft water drops seem to stroke the skin più than to wet it. The atmosphere fits the setting and occasion, the rain and soft almost...
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posted by Cuddles
A/N: I still haven't managed to watch House. Shame on me...I'll do it tomorrow.
I was in a Scrivere mood so yeah...this is the result
*points at text below*

Dunno, if it's any good,'ll see ;)
R&R please.
(Comments are Amore :D)

The first quote and the poems are all written da Erich Fried.


"...Almost everything would have made sense
if it made sense."

House was sitting on the floor of his bathroom. The door was locked and he was alone, alone in the tiny room with a bottle of whiskey and an half-empty glass. The brown liquid glimmered almost...
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posted by Cuddles
A/N: I Amore Mascha Kaléko and her poems. The one I am using here inspired me to write this oneshot. If there are any mistakes in it (in the poem I mean *lol*...well also in my oneshot -___-) it's because I translated the poem from the German as I can't find a translation on the internet. Yeah well...that's the result.
I splitted the poem up. And now enjoy. commenti and ratings would be great ;)


I often wonder
And get on my own nerves in doing so
Because it is a domanda in several stanzas:...
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posted by Cuddles
I hope it is any good. Please mind my mistakes. And don't forget, commenti are Amore ;)


The room was bathed in light.
The golden sunrays enlightened everything with their soft but intense glow.

But for Cuddy it didn't matter.
The light was tickling her skin in an almost teasing way and she felt how they reached her skin through the thin fabric of her blouse.
But they were not able to filter down to her.

They had Lost that abilitiy long ago.
Though Cuddy could feel the warmth on her skin, she couldn't feel it inside her.
She had forgotten this...
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posted by Cuddles
somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond
any experience, your eyes have their silence:
in your most frail gesture are things which enclose me,
or which i cannot touch because they are too near

your slightest look easily will unclose me
though i have closed myself as fingers,
you open always petal da petal myself as Spring opens
(touching skilfully, mysteriously) her first rose

or if your wish to be close to me, i and
my life will shut very beautifully, suddenly,
as when the cuore of this fiore imagines
the snow carefully everywhere descending

nothing which are to perceive in this world equals
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posted by Irene3691
‘Morning...’ Says House the successivo day.
‘Hi… how are you?’
‘Fine... and you? te fell più peaceful this morning?’
‘Ha-ha... yes, thank you.’
‘Good...’ He chuckles and they sit up.
‘Are te hungry? We have some cake left...’ Lisa says.
‘Will the cake change your mood?’
‘It will change my hunger.’

They go to the cucina in silence and have breakfast. His leg is starting to hurt and House rubs his thigh with his hand but he doesn't say anything. Cuddy notices it and asks worried. ‘Are te okay?’
‘Yeah... fine...’ House risposte smiling at her. MEEEEEC!!! Lie
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Wow i haven't written a fan fiction in ages... so i decided i might as well finish the one i started after Birthmarks. This could be a one shot o i could add più chapters, depending on what te guys think and where te think it should go. ITs supposed to be just a bit offun - a laugh, basically, and i have used so far just House Cuddy and the new team. Its certainly a very huddy fan fiction and they are dating. If i do più chapters i will certainly add Wilson and maybe the old team, but it will remain light hearted.

House was leaning back on his chair, listening absently to his team discussing...
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posted by Irene3691
When Cuddy gets to the residence, she goes to the cucina and takes a small tablet of broth from the cupboard and puts in the in doccia head, so later, when he has his shower, he’ll be covered of soup. After carrying out her evil plan, she goes to her room.
House gets home and doesn’t try to talk to her. He goes straight to his room and after studying for a while, goes to the bathroom. When he’s about to start, he is covered with la minestra, zuppa and jumps out of the bathtub. ‘What the heck is this?!’ He wraps himself in a towel and goes to her dorm. ‘Is this your way of revenge? Are te gonna...
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posted by ToEkNeE
Cuddy and Wilson walked out of the restaurant waiting for House to pull up into the parking lot. The sun was beaming and warm, it was a perfect day.
"Did te call him?"
"No need." And she pointed out House coming in. He pulled into a parking spot and waited for them to get in. Cuddy went up to his window, apparently waiting for something. He rolled down the window.
"Get out, I'm driving."
"I'm faster."
"That's the point. You're reckless."
"It's like ten minuti from here. te trusted me with your car."
"Now I'm trusting te with my life."
Cuddy sighed and got in the car, Wilson had already...
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posted by TheHiddenCane
House's new drugs stop working... he's become reacquainted with the world around him... and it's closing again. He reacts. Wilson and Cuddy are there to pick up the pieces.

House’s eyes were closing…

To the world in vivid colours, to unguarded smiles, to everything related… to seeing everything there was: not the sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza cerchio of bitterness he knew, but life!

He’d enjoyed living while it lasted, knowing it was doomed to fade, because it wasn’t meant for him: he did not smile, nor did he feel o care… never mind the living colours: they slipped, seeped out of crying eyes… irises no...
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posted by Irene3691
After washing and dressing, they arrive to the Coliseum. It's a sunny and very hot day. They put on their sunglasses and buy two ice creams to get a bit cooler. Then, they go for a walk around the building and come in. It’s still very hot and the ice cream helps just a little. They sit down in the shade to rest for a while. House takes off his glasses and lean his cane on the wall. ‘It’s so hot today!’
‘Yes, very very hot... I have a bit of headache because of the heat.’
‘Let’s stay here until te feel better.’
‘Yeah, thank you.’ She looks at the ice cream left. ‘I would...
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Okay, so to be honest I can’t really do anything but write – and even that I don’t do that well. However, here goes: JustHuddy’s secret Santa. I’m sorry for the failure. Really. Truly.

It seems to me, most good stories start with a location, whether it be ligustro Drive o the Shire, people like to know where they are at. If te were to ask the location of this story, I would describe a perfectly ordinary suburban road, equipped with trees, houses, cars, and probably a fairly annoying dog o two that wakes te up in the middle of the night with some well timed howling. I’d say that...
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posted by huddy_aimee

    His hand ran over the coarse paper of the invite. It was a bad day. The rain pounded on the window as the northerly gale caused the temperature to drop to 33°F. Thunder rumbled just miles away causing the window panes to shudder. The door from the differentials room opened and in popped a light brown haired, woman’s head.
    “House,” she said, bringing him from the invite.
    “Hmm,” he hummed in a non-committal response.
    “We’re leaving,” she told him. “The weather is getting worse...
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What could've happened...What could've been said...What could've been done...What we all dream...In the eyes of a Huddy fanatic....
(Starting from original sequence. Extended at certain point)

House was sitting on the bus, all the way in the back. He was just sitting there when Cuddy appeared.
"Didn't know te road the bus."
"I used to drive home after getting drunk, but some mothers got mad-d."
He paused for a second, remembering.
"Wait a second. What are te dong here? te weren't on the bus with me."
"Then I guess this isn't a memory. It's a fantasy." She got up from her sede, sedile and stood in front...
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The sun was nearly high noon. Birds we're singing, the breeze was blowing, and the warmth was creeping all around. Cuddy was lying in bed, perfectly still. She began to wake up, and felt around the letto for House, but he wasn't there. She opened her eyes and sat upright in letto and found that he was no longer successivo to her. She scanned the room; His cane and key had remained in the room so he clearly hadn't left. She looked curiously around, and then finally got out of bed. She walked over the the bathroom checking if he was there, but he of course, wasn't. Soon enough he came in the room with...
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