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posted by peoplesuck
Here is part one scene nine. This one is longer and sorry AwesomeHippie, it ends with a cliffhanger.
The board meeting was finally ending. Cuddy had just spent an ora listening to testimonial about how she was a whore and Tritter was just so damn wonderful, the usual stuff. She was so sick of being punished for what had happened. Hadn’t she taken her fill? Wasn’t it over yet? At least she had gotten off with only a suspension, but now the bastard was going to find out what had driven her to America. That would be very bad for her. Not that what she had done was terrible, but the head of the board would construe it to make her look bad. In reality she had done the Americans a favor, o tried to anyway, and this was the thanks she got?
“This doesn’t feel right,” Cuddy detto setting a file down on the table.
She and Sarah were at Caribou Coffee looking over possible adopted parents.
“This is not the same as what happened to you,” Sarah replied.
“Look, it’s been a bad day. I really don’t feel like doing this right now.”
“For the past six weeks the entirety of your existence has been of sub-par quality. What’s so special about today?”
“Well to start with I had a flat tire and had to walk. On the way to work I busted a heel and got soaking wet while wearing white. Wilson wasted thirty minuti babbling about how I should have called someone. Apparently House told him that I am pregnant so he had to go all chivalrous on my ass. On superiore, in alto of that the files he gave me that were supposed to be patients were actually lists and records of local therapists. I was late to a board meeting that was supposed to be about expanding the Lucas Wing. Instead I sat there for three hours getting lectured about this thing with Tritter and how I am dragging the hospitals name through the mud and blah blah blah. Now I’m suspended without pay for a week and the head of the board doctor what’s-his-face is going to dig up everything he can from my past so he can take my license.”
“Tritter slashed your tires and te didn’t want to involve anyone else, that’s why te stupidly decided to walk ten miles to work. te could’ve called me. I’m already on the hit-list. As for the board, te will not benefit from maintaining your idealism. The rule of the game is survival of the fittest not survival of the purest. Did te look at the names of those therapists?”
“I figured as much. What exactly is it that te are concerned this incompetent bureaucratic son of a cagna will find? I thought te were persecuted because te are Jewish,” Sarah sipped her fifth large White Cioccolato Mocha and watched Cuddy carefully.
“You’ve always known there was another piece to the story. Don’t try your psychological trickery crap on me.”
“What could te have possibly done?”
“I’ll tell te some giorno Sarah, but not now.”
“Intriguing. You’re seriously considering keeping your spawn?”
“That’s all te have to say? Intriguing?”
“If te have a secret the best way to keep it is to keep everyone in the dark. Tell only one person if necessary.”
“You’re going to figure out some way to retrieve my records from Iraq aren’t you?”
“Absolutely not. te didn’t answer my question.”
“I don’t know, Sarah. Why does it matter to you? My kid is not your kid.”
“I deeply regret concerning myself with your psychological health,” Sarah replied sarcastically, “If my interference annoys te such go establish contact with ignorant, self-absorbed homo-sapiens.”
“In your definition, all people are selfish.”
“There are varying degrees.”
“I see.”
“Okay, here’s the reason I infer te are reluctant to find pseudo-parents for your procreation: te were abandon da your parents and te remember how that feels and te don’t want to put your kid through the same thing.”
“Do te ever let anyone psychoanalyze you? I’m sure you’d be an interesting study.”
“Indubitably not.”
“What if I interview one of these couples o persons o whatever and they seem nice and all so I give them my baby and they turn out to be molesters o members of one of those freaky cults.”
“True, te never can trust people. However, I have the answer.”
“I’m afraid to ask, but what is your answer?”
”We have these people’s names.”
“There are only two ways to get the truth about people. One, te Converse with their associates o two, te observe them without their knowledge.”
“I believe they call number two stalking.”
“In this context it is called investigation. If it was stalking private investigators would be out of the job.”
“You are not a private investigator.”
“True, te could afford to hire one, but I’m cheaper, free actually, and very good at investigation.”
“Come on. How could te be good at investigation?”
“Psychology classes, we had to study people.”
“How is it that te know all of this random shit?”
“I like to have a diverse set of practical skills.”
“How is knowing how to stalk people practical?”
“You never know. It’s obviously going to come in handy now, because I’m going to investigate these people.”
“Fine, if te get caught and the police haul your culo off to jail, don’t call me cause I’m not going to bail te out.”
“Bureaucratic evil number three is up your anal sphincter because of your situation with Tritter correct?”
“Yes, The Board is only number three?”
“Number one is the IRS, obviously, number two is congress, but it is close. te did at least insinuate that your involvement with Tritter is not consensual right?”
“Of course I did.”
Sarah leaned inoltrare, avanti so that her face was inches from Cuddys. Cuddy leaned back and furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.
“What are te doing,” she asked warily.
Sarah did not bother answering. Instead she narrowed her eyes suspiciously and leaned backwards.
“Why would te do that,” she asked sounding like she already knew the answer.
“Do what? Lean away from you,” Cuddy asked bewildered, “I’m sorry, but I sort of prefer men. I thought te did too.”
“Ha, not even someone as pretty as te could turn me gay. I was checking your pupils for constriction. Isn’t lying against one of the six-hundred and thirteen commandments?”
“You do it all the time and it violates one of your ten commandments.”
“Touche. Why didn’t te defend yourself? Bureaucratic evil number three obviously had the court transcript so they knew what te detto happened.”
“The court transcript was dato to bureaucratic evil number three da the judge who is obviously on Tritters side in the matter. It is different than me blatantly stating what really happened o trying to prove that what I say is the truth.”
“Who is it that you’re defending?”
“The only other person he’s really threatened, so far, is you.”
“I have a black-belt in several forms of martial arts, I kick-box, I know how to fight. Plus I am currently carrying four concealed weapons. Wilson is the same size if not bigger than Tritter, I’m sure he could probably take care of himself. The person about whom te are concerned who has the least muscular potential would be House.”
“Except for the crippled leg he’s not weak.”
“You are still hormonally attracted to him.”
“Don’t start.”
“I’ll stop mentioning your hormonal attraction to House when te stop being a martyr.”
“I’m not __”
“Since te are going to deny it, here,” Sarah detto taking a twenty-two caliber out of her calzino and setting it on the table, “Obviously, you’re going to need it.”
“I do not have a gun license.”
“And no one should be able to rape someone and be protected da a county judge. You’re going to have to get your hands dirty on this one.”
“If I break the law they will ship my culo back to Iraq where I will be tortured and killed o to Israel where the Iraqi government will find me then torture and kill me.”
“Then find some other way to fight this. I would gladly kill him, but it would appear that if he dies te die. The only other option is for te to leave the state, but he could easily follow te and te wouldn’t give up your hospital anyway.”
“And te would destroy any other dean of medicine and consequently my hospital.”
“The secondo consequence would be inadvertent.”
Cuddy fell silent, staring at the gun debating over whether o not to take it. On one hand she was angry enough to shoot him. On the other hand she was sick of this. If she shot him, she would be put on trial, then there would be an immigration hearing, and it would all be dragged out for years, decades even. All she wanted was to continue her life in peace, but that did not seem to be an option. It was never an option. If one thing wasn’t going wrong another was. If one storm ended another was in its wake. That’s how it had been for the past eighteen years. Yet, she had maintained her idealism, her optimism that things would get better. She could kill him and run, but that would entail leaving her hospital, her hospital that she had worked so hard for. Giving up her job, just about the only good thing in her life, was a deal breaker. There were other ways to kill people, but the instant he died the police would come barging through her door and they would fry her with either real o falsified evidence. How perfectly he had erased her options.
Three hours later…
House walked up to Cuddys door and began banging on it urgently with his cane. She had not been at work that day. For some reason it worried him. After several minuti of standing there banging incessantly on the door she did not answer. Suddenly he heard a faint clinking sound, like metal hitting cement.
If he thinks he is going to do anything else to her, I swear to God, House thought angrily. Quietly, he crept in the direction of the sound, his cane raised above his head threateningly. It had come from the box auto, garage he was sure of it. There were many things in Cuddys box auto, garage that were metal and could be used to beat her. The thought of that sickened him and made him go faster. He rounded the corner into the box auto, garage and found himself staring down the barrel of a twenty-two caliber.
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Uploaded da Willowechan // Song: 'In The Dark' -Shelley Harland
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posted by ToriH389
Lollipop Isues 9

( at Cuddy's house )
Liz-why are we here...
House-so we can talk....
Liz-can't we talk at the apartment...
House-not in private...
Liz-I thought te didn't care about peoples personal lifes...
House-Cuddy thinks I need to get to know te better (bond)
Liz-you really don't have to te know...
House-ya..I know...I'm doing it for Cuddy...
Liz-you must really like her....
House-ya...I do...but she doesn't know it....
Liz-why don't te tell her ( she is now extremely anxious and is starting to raise her voice )
House-she won't care....shell still be with Lucas...
Liz-I thought they broke up.......
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posted by Irene3691
After her long nap, Lisa wakes up and goes to have a shower. When she finishes, looks at the time and goes to wake him up. ‘You awake?’
‘Yeah, te naked?’
‘No... I have a towel, sorry... I just was gonna tell te to get up.’
‘Okay... I'm getting up...’
After having a doccia and getting dressed he takes his stuff and goes to the door. ‘Well, I'm leaving...’
‘Wait! I’m ready.’ Lisa gets out of her room wearing a nice white T-shirt tied around her neck and black trousers. He can’t help looking at her.
‘You look... good.’ Says House finally.
‘Thanks, te too.’
‘I know,...
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posted by huddy_aimee
The plane had landed and House and Cuddy made their merry way [still not noticing each other] to their separate taxis to take them to the private pier. When they arrived, they laid eyes on each other.
"Shit," they detto simultaneously, "What the hell are te doing here?"
"Me?" detto Cuddy pointing to herself, "What are te doing here?"
"Wilson sent me here, and I'm assuming he sent te here too?" he said, watching as her posture changed.
She nodded, "Well, I'll see if we can get another yacht for you,"
"Me?! Why me?"
Just then the pilot of the yacht approached, "Sorry, but I couldn't help but...
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Hugh sighed and looked at him and he apparently moved his head to look in the room again.
Hugh: Am I dead?
House looked at him, letting his eyes say things for awhile.

House: No…
Hugh took a deep breath and moved uneasily thinking the man with the cane beside him is making fun of his misery. House looked at him for awhile and looked inoltrare, avanti again.
House: But there’s something wrong with you…
Both of them looked at each other again.
House: You’re out of your body. ---- You’re a soul…
Hugh: te just detto I’m not ---- I can’t be JUST a soul… I have my family…
House: That’s...
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posted by douglas80
Another Week went by.
Didn´t hear anything from Wilson o Cuddy o somebody else.

Dr. Travis and i went out for a walk. Today we talked about my childhood.
It was not easy talking about my Dad and Mum.
But i think we´ve had a good start at this chapter of my life.
There are often moments i´m jsut a little afraid about talking in this intimate way to Dr. Travis. Normally it´s Wilson i talk to like this. And there are many things he didn´t know yet like Dr. Travis.

My leg hurt a little when we were back. Emma brought me my pill and i swallowed it down.
I had some French crostini, pane tostato and two o three cups of coffee.
Frank had a girlfriend since three days. Her Name is Sally. She´s nice...for Frank. She had the Asperger syndrome, poor little girl.

So, this evening is damn boring. I played the guitar, listened to the Canto birds outside, fighted with that Zombie-Bitch and.....

da tomorrow, ít knocks.


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posted by huddy_aimee
Neither House o Cuddy knew what Wilson had planned and as they packed their bags, they'd never thought of the idea of Wilson setting them up. Cuddy had, had a suspicion but it didn't really bother her because House detto 'My leg is too sore to go to work for two weeks and that he could diagnose from his apartment.'
House had popped two Vicodin before settling in for yet another 'I'm an insomniac so I'll wake up in the middle of the night' routine.
Cuddy, however, had already put herself to letto and was asleep. She had called her mum to come and babysit Rachel whilst she was on her 'business...
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One evening, House and Hugh found themselves seated in front of the other. Both of them shared a bottle of whisky with only the light of the hallway lighting up. Hugh happened to notice the scrivania, reception calendar that says June 11, 2009.
Hugh: <sighed> Another anno finished… another anno to face, hopefully…
House turned to look at the calendar as well before giving a quick eyebrow raise.
House: Birthday?
Hugh gave his quick eyebrow raise too.
House: 50?
Hugh: How’d te ---
House: Trust me. It’s just a coincidence…
Hugh chuckled and House smiled before both of them seemed have nothing to say...
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posted by douglas80
This was a cool day! After i Lost a hundred times this damn game.....i won!!! Frank wasn´t really happy about this, but...who cares!
After Emma found my pills she called Dr. Snyder. Oh my god, what a stupid monster-wife!
I´m detoxed and i don´t wanna get back on some other shit, i told her. She didn´t care.
Dr. Snyder tried to talk to me about my hallucinations, but i won´t. I´m still waiting for Dr. Travis.
While i watched TV, a guy sat down successivo to me. He didn´t say a word so i didn´t care. After a few minuti he began to ask me a tone of questions.
"What´s your name?"----Greg.
"Why are...
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posted by pollyloveshouse
Anusha flopped back down onto her bed, flicking the off switch on the TV remote. There was nothing on, nothing good at least. General Hospital had just started, but no one watches that! She was just thinking about how starring in General Hospital had ruined Hugh Laurie's career when she heard footsteps approaching, lots of them. As she pushed herself back up onto her pillows she saw a small crowd of people, amberRocks in the lead, all walking towards her room. As they came through her door they proceeded to spread out around her bed. She noticed that they all kept glancing at each other and...
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posted by pollyloveshouse
(i havent been able to get a beta- reader cos no one is around and i dont have long till my computer runs out of battery, so sorry if i make mistakes o anything...)

The sun outside was slowly setting, but that didn't stop cocacola as she slowly mopped the corridor. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth... There was something relaxing, beautiful even, about mopping. Cocacola knew everyone thought she was crazy for thinking this, but she didn't care. She argued that if she enjoyed it and it helped this run-down shack of a hospital just a little then it was a definite improvement! She...
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