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i dont know about te guys, but to me it seems like someone leaves every season.

season 1: Vogler
season2: Stacey
season 3: Tritter
season 4: Amber

well, it seems to me that this season, the target may be....


well, its the only logical choice. no one elsse came this season. i mean, rachel is just plain amazing, but i think she may leave ='[

the reason she may leave, i dont know, but this was the only thinking i did all day, and im kinda proud of myself....

place your commenti below:
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All promos in one file!
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This is an articolo about thirteen aka remy hadley.I never really got too closed to her character but she didn't annoy me either.I actually liked olivia wilde in The O.C(misha barton on the other hand not so much).
It is almost sure that this will be the last season for thirteen and olivia wilde.In the season finalle she was positive for huntingtons.
This is
1)a very serious disease!
2)a slow and painfull death
3)also means that they got to mostra us symptoms this season!

It is almost impossible for TPTB to mostra us the results and not mostra us any symptoms soon.And since this disease affects the muscles...
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Okay guys, this opinionated articolo is about the pregnancy rumors running since the time I opened my computer this morning.

I know this is all a crazy info to all of us because we know things aren't be the same when a Huddy baby sprout out like a fungo from no where and be in the mostra for <like what other said> no purpose at all.

My view is this, granted if it's Cuddy, let's just put our trust to the writers because i know, DS and KJ won't be putting characters just like that in a click. They won't risk the ratings of their superiore, in alto TV mostra da making it too soapy for the viewers and we know...
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Clips from the episode "Frozen. House just has to find out who Wilson's new girlfriend is. "The health department, they frown on topless oncology." <3
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Ok. I just saw a promo for "After Hours" on Global, in Canada. In precedente promos, it has been exactly the same as the volpe promo, but this one ended slightly differently.

In the scene where Cuddy walks in on House in the bathtub (at least it looks like it was at that moment--it may have been edited--it may have been while he had her on the phone if he was using speakerphone), he says to her "I tried calling everyone else"

Not much, but it does answer the domanda as to why he called Cuddy...and it makes sense seeing as the others all seem pretty busy as well!
posted by huddyislove
Ok, so
I realize I hurt a lot of people on here I consider, and they consider me, good friends.

I have no intention to hurt anyone!
I realize I grew on a lot of people (I tend to do that XD)
and I did something I thought it was funny,
te know, Hilly like :P

But apparently,
I hurt a lot of people I would never ever dream of doing such thing.

I see that my 'joke' was funny almost only to me, and it seriously wasn't a good way of making fun with everybody.

Therefore, this should be considered as A I-apologize-for-being-a-total-douche-bag type of apology.

I won't stop on being crazy, and I still will be passing vodka around,
but I will never do such thing again.

I promise.

And if I were leaving (and I intend to be SQEEING around for some time XDDDD) I would let everyone know and da that I don't mean a pick XD

Amore ya, guys :)

Thank te for, I hope, forgiving me :)