House was looking outside of the window, thinking about everything what was going on in his life. He got out of jail and decide to leave the state of New Jersey. He went south to Florida, he find the perfect boss, she loved is work and decide to open a diagnostic wing on her hospital Miami Teaching Hospital.

House was also giving classes to the young doctors to be, he hated but it was until he found three più member, now he only got one, Thirteen.
As soon he calls her she detto yes right away, it’s been a anno and half since he got to Miami, three since he left jail and four since he last saw Lisa Cuddy.

Now he was in a bad situation, he had an accident on is bike, and cracked is head once again, just più dangerous then the other time, this time the fracture was bigger and it was putting is brain in a serious danger.

He could get a partial blindness o memory lost, he was scared and lonely in his mind, the surgery was danger, but the only think he hoped was to see her one last time.
So he called her.

“Lisa Cuddy?”
“Yes, who I am speaking?”
“Hi Cuddy, its House.”

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